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Is it advantageous or disadvantageous to hire a web hosting company 1. Shared Hosting:- Its your sole decision to decide whether you want to do the hosting of your website by yourself or through any web hosting company which is best in this industry. Whatever is your decision keep in mind that it has both pros and cons to it. But the advantages of hosting the site by yourself surely have specific benefits such as you will be having the full control on your hosting and you can have a check on the hosting related issues by yourself. 2. Pocket-Friendly:- If you possess your server then its really great as you don’t have to give any money to anyone for doing changes in your website whenever needed. If you decide of doing this work by yourself then you have the freedom to choose the tools hardware and database and there is no need to waste your time in knowing other people’s working methodologies or additionally pay the extra amount for using the space from the disc storage or the bandwidth. 3. Additional Income:-

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If you are an expert in web hosting then you can turn this as your profession and even earn good money from rendering these services to other companies. But you can only do this if you can manage to do all the things on your own or else your full earnings will be gone to hiring expert staff. Web hosting requires experienced and pioneer of this domain with lots of servers and equipment. It will happen that you are concentrating more on these companies rather than on yours. So forget it and its best to outsource the web hosting work to the experts and only focus on your website. 4. Relaxed mind:- If you hire a top web hosting company then you can relax and carry out your other work regarding your website. You will be informed about any changes in the website or web host by your web hoster which frees your mind to be worried about the risk of piracy etc. 5. Potential Evaluation of Risk:- Even the outsourcing possesses certain drawbacks. Your hosting package will be limited with certain work only and after the boundary the web hoster will not carry out their services so if by any chance your web hoster is running out of the business then you will be in trouble. If your website belongs to the security-related domain then outsourcing can be risky to some extent. But outsourcing is very useful and beneficial to certain domain business. For the people who are novice about this concept can hire an experienced and best web hoster can get their work done in the best manner. So just decide firmly what you want and how you want the job should be carried forward. Web hosting services to be outsourced or done personally have both pros and cons to it So you have to take the final decision after lots of analytical research as once the decisions made can be molded but then things will be the mess. You take the decision very firmly.