Why the Engine Oil Gets into the Air Filter

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The air filter helps to keep the dirt and debris away from the combustion chamber. Sometimes, the engine oil comes in contact with the air filter because of damaged piston rings, blocked oil passages, and clogged positive crankcase ventilation valve. See the mentioned slideshow to know the reasons for engine oil inside the air filter.


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Why the Engine Oil Gets into the Air Filter


The air filter is the modern combustion engine located inside the air intake housing for capturing the dirt, debris and other contaminants of the car.


It contains the fuel injection system which can remove the dirt, debris, dust particles and impurities before the air mixed with the gasoline to become vapor.


When the air filter is clogged with these contaminants, it will affect the fuel efficiency of the engine and decrease its power.


If the engine oil gets into the air filter, then it will significantly impact the performance of the engine and need immediate repair.


The following points define the reasons behind the engine oil enter into the air filter of your car.


Damaged piston rings


The damaged piston rings can cause engine oil leaking into the air filter housing which is installed at the outer edge of the piston inside the combustion chamber of the car.


The well-working piston rings can create combustion ratio and allow the engine oil to lubricate the combustion chamber during each piston stroke.


When the rings are worn out or damaged, then it can loosen and cause oil blow means a blue smoke coming from the car's tailpipe while driving.


Due to the worn out piston, the excessive oil blow can cause pressure inside the crankcase and send more oil through the PCV valve and into the air filter.


Blocked oil passages


The blocked oil passage of the car is another possible reason behind the engine oil get into the air intake system.


When the engine oil and filter are not replaced as per the recommendation of manufacturers, the oil enters into the air filter.


It generally occurs when the excessive carbon deposits inside the crankcase as well as engine sludge developed in the crankcase.


When the oil unable to flow efficiently, then the excessive engine oil pressure will be created and the extra oil pushed through the PCV valve and air filter.


Clogged positive crankcase ventilation valve


The PCV valve of the car is connected to the air intake housing through a rubber vacuum hose and used for releasing the vacuum inside the engine's crankcase.


The PCV valve is installed on the top of the cylinder head valve cover in which the pressure flows from the engine through the cylinder head and exit into the air filter.


It is similar to the engine oil filter and clogged with the excessive debris over time. As a result, it needs immediate replacement as per the recommendation.


If the PCV valve of the car is not replaced as per its recommended time, then the excessive oil will blow through the PCV valve and enter the air filter system.




If you are performing the routine service of the car, then you can easily determine the engine oil inside the air filter or the air intake housing of the car.


So, check your car by a professional mechanic on a regular basis for identifying the necessary repairs of the car.


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