Earth Hour 2011

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Create Earth Hour 2011 a Memorable Event.


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Earth Hour 2011 :

Earth Hour 2011 It's time to go beyond the hour

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Earth Hour 2011 will be observed on 26 th of March at 8:30 to 9:30 pm. To raise awareness and inspire individual action on Climate Change.

Calls for turning off non essential lights for 60 minutes:

Calls for turning off non essential lights for 60 minutes

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A global movement on climate change was conceived by World Wildlife Fund and started in 2007, in Sydney . The Brand ‘ Earth Hour ’ symbolizes an initiative taken by countries worldwide to provide real solutions to environmental challenges.

Earth Hour 2010:

Earth Hour 2010 1551 landmarks recognized the event to take accountability for their ecological footprint. 4616 cities, towns and municipalities took part in Earth Hour 2010 across 128 countries.

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The Earth H our brand grows beyond the hour to Earth Hour +

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Earth Hour + in 2011 is a call to action not simply for 1 hour but for up keeping a commitment to resolve environmental problems in future. Earth Hour + represents a continuous behavioral change for individuals, corporations and government on the path of environmental reform. How is Earth Hour + different from the previous Earth Hour?

How can you participate in Earth Hour 2011?:

How can you participate in Earth Hour 2011 ? You can create a small or big event by inviting your colleagues, family or friends. Create colorful paper lanterns and fly them in the air displaying publically the message. Boost your creativity by painting and selling T-shirts, hats or posters. Create badges or online banners.

Make Earth Hour 2011 a Brighter Event:

Make Earth Hour 2011 a Brighter Event Show your commitment to fighting climate change