Boko Haram - A Call for UN Intervention

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BOKO HARAM A Call for UN Intervention


Introduction Boko Haram is an Islamic Terrorist group based in Nigeria led by Abubakar Shekau . The official name of this group is Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal-Jahid (group of people who are committed to the prophet’s teaching for Jihad) . Image Courtesy:http ://


Foundation and Belief 01 Boko Haram group was founded in the year 2002 by Mohammed Yusuf as a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist sect. 02 It is currently operational in the areas of North East Nigeria. 03 The belief of this group is Wahhabism, Salafism and Islamic Fundamentalism . Boko Haram Captured Area Image Courtesy:http :// UDYYIDCjdmI / AAAAAAAACjw /YHXS2q5kIlQ/s1600/Nigeria+sharia+map.png


Activities Of Boko Haram 1 The uprising of Boko haram group began in 2009 when more than 700 people killed in police operation. 2 The attacks remain continued in 2011 as well and targeted the UN Headquarters in Abuja. 3 The attacks remain continued in the year 2012,in which 190 people were killed in an assault on police buildings. 4 They kidnapped 276 school girls from Chibok in April,2014. Image Courtesy:http ://


Symbols Of Boko Haram Boko Haram is using the Black Standard flag as one of its symbols Image Courtesy:http ://


International Participation Against Boko Haram Many countries have designated Boko Haram as a most deadly terrorist organization . United Kingdom proclaimed them as a terrorist organization on 10 th July,2013. The United States of America declared them a terrorist organization on 14 th November, 2013 . United Nations designated Boko Haram group as a terrorist organization on 22 nd May , 2014. Australia announced them as a terrorist group on 26 th June,2014. Image Courtesy:http ://,%2BChad%2Btroops%2Bpursue%2BBoko%2BHaram%2Bin%2BNigerian%2Bborder%2Barea.jpg Image Courtesy:http ://


Appeal Of Nigerian Government For UN Intervention 01 David Mark, the president of the Senate Senator has asked the United nations to intervene and rescue Nigeria from the controls of insurgency that is bring the country to her knees . 02 He admitted to the Deputy Secretary General of UN , Mr. Jan Eliasson that the security challenges facing Nigeria demands support and assistance from the UN. Image Courtesy:http :// omeri /


UN Intervention in Boko Haram Case As per Leila Zerrougui, the United Nations will help the people of Nigeria to revolt against terrorism. The UN continues its support with Nigerian government and providing every assistance for the release of school girls. Image Courtesy :https ://


  United Nations Intervention In Nigeria Image Courtesy :http :// Mr. Eliasson, the Deputy Secretary General of the UN promise that they would plan out policies to assist Nigeria tackle the threat of terrorism. He said that Nigeria is a strategic partner to the United nations both at the regional and at the Global perspective assuring that they will provide assistance to them.


The United States Government has engaged military intervention to stop brutal campaigns and announced plans to send soldiers and personnel to help the people of Nigeria. 01 The White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that they include information-sharing and supporting programs with Nigerian Government to overcome the problem of terrorism in Nigeria. 02   United States Intervention In Nigeria


African Association with Nigerian Government African Union approved a 7500 strong force to fight the terrorist group. The force is expected to include 3500 soldiers from  countries like Nigeria and Chad. Image Courtesy: http ://


Support from other Nations Image Courtesy :https :// Along with the United States, countries like France and the UK have sent their trainers and material assistance to Nigeria to help in the fight against the terrorist organization . 01 Apart from these two countries, Israel and Canada also pledged support. 02 Chi na also offered help that included satellite data and military equipment. 03