10 Best Jobs and Career Options for 2015

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Know more about the top 10 Best Jobs and Career Options you can pursue in the year to come and make a dream start.


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Top 10 Jobs for 2015 Image Courtesy: http ://photos2.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/3/b/2/6/highres_247515142.jpeg


Median Annual P ay: $119,433 Marketing Executives create marketing c ampaigns to publicize an assistance, commodity, occurrence or a campaign. Image Courtesy: http://transformersjobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/The-Top-Social-Media-Skills-Marketing-Executives-Need-in-2013.jpg.jpg Marketing Executive Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +10% Due to fast growing use of internet , many organization’s now have a significant digital online existence, which in turn is expected to increase positions of Marketing Executive’s, w ith gap between postings & hires being 22,996 in previous year


Image Courtesy: http ://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CmO_x6zVa50/UWbHg7WXQwI/AAAAAAAADGQ/6riDmU-tG_A/s1600/Fotolia_35895795_Subscription_XXL.jpg Software & Applications Developer Develops, builds & customizes common computer application softwares or specialized utility programs keeping into consideration user requirements & to create software solutions . Median Annual P ay : $92,892 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +15% With gap between postings & hires being 21,084 in previous year, expansion of healthcare IT & mobile networks will increase the demand for software developers, support technicians & systems analysts.


Image Courtesy: http ://nebula.wsimg.com/b470e7c5bb6442be5120b5991685c8d1?AccessKeyId=0256C0799777F4871333&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 Registered Nurse Registered N urse  (RN) is a graduate from a nursing program along with a passed national licensing exam to acquire a nursing license. Median Annual P ay : $67,620 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +5% With gap between postings & hires being 17,054 in previous year, growth is expected due to increased priority on preventative care, increasing chronic conditions, like diabetes & obesity and as generations wish to live longer & more active lives.


Image Courtesy: http ://www.hbprefabrik.com/wp-content/gallery/galeri/4485510.jpg Industrial Engineer Industrial Engineers   help eradicate wastefulness in manufacturing processes & formulate systematic methods to utilize workers, appliance, materials, data, & strength to create a commodity or an aid. Median Annual P ay : $81,036 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +9% Industrial Engineers help cost control by multiplying efficiency. This profession is adaptable both in nature of task & in industries where its skills can be utilized with gap between postings & hires being 17,054 in previous year.


Image Courtesy: http ://www.agfibertechnology.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/4-Hot-Tech-Jobs-in-a-Booming-Industry-1024x682.jpg Network and Computer System Administrator Responsible for installation, configuration & support of an establishment’s local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), & Internet systems of a network system. Median Annual P ay : $74,547 Job Growth (2010 - 2014 ): +7% Projected increase is likely due to the release of more advanced network components & expansion of IT services in enterprise sector with gap between postings & hires being 17,054 in previous year.  


Image Courtesy: http ://d13pix9kaak6wt.cloudfront.net/background/users/a/n/d/andrewbohuslavizki_1410390965_06.jpg Web Developer Web developer is a expert programmer in development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications running over HTTP from web server to browser. Median Annual P ay : $58,281 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +17% Demand of Web Developers is likely to be driven by the multiplying demand of mobile devices & ecommerce with gap between postings & hires being 15,492 in previous year.


Image Courtesy: http ://intlimg.demandmedia.com/DM-Resize/photos.demandstudios.com/getty/article/41/47/87793427.jpg?w=1200&h=630&crop_min=1 Medical and Health Services Manager Medical & Health Services Managers   project, direct & synchronize distribution of health care in doctor's workplace, hospitals, clinics & health care facilities. Median Annual P ay : $90,708 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +6%  As large population ages & people wish to remain active later in life, healthcare industry as a whole will see an increase in demand for medical services with gap between postings & hires being 15,070 in previous year.


Image Courtesy: http ://trihealthmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/rehabilitation.jpg Physical Therapist Physical therapists (PTs) are highly-educated, authorized health care professionals who aid patients minimize suffering & help reinstate flexibility - in many cases without expensive surgery without side effects. Median Annual P ay : $80,350 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +10% As population continues to age & generation begins to retire, one’s with terminal illnesses are able to extend their life cycle by years, need of Physical Therapist continues to increase accordingly with gap between postings & hires being 13,545 in previous year.


Image Courtesy: http ://figyelemzavar.hu/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/figyelemzavar-autizmus.jpg Speech-Language Pathologist Speech-language pathologists (SLP), also known as Speech Therapists , evaluates, recognizes, handles & helps to prevent ailments related to speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, ingestion & fluency . Median Annual P ay : $70,720 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +5% N umber of speech-language pathologists is expected to rise due to the increasing use of contract services by hospitals, schools & nursing care facilities with gap between postings & hires being 8,001 in previous year .


Image Courtesy: http ://www.herrmannsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/iStock_000018727337Small-2.jpg Sales Manager Sales manager leads and guides the team & assigns sales regions , sets limits , monitors team members while providing trainings and is responsible for hiring & firing. Median Annual Pay : $106,038 Job Growth (2010 - 2014): +8%  Due to   expansion  in online shopping, job growth is anticipated to be vigorous for   Sales Managers, with gap between postings & hires being 6,309 in previous year.