vision and mission


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Vision and mission : 

Vision and mission

What is vision? : 

What is vision? It is a description of something in the future. It is a future aspiration that leads to an inspiration to be the best in one’s field of its action It acts as strong motivation factor for ( senior managers) as it provides direction to the efforts. e.g. Promoters of organisation, normally have some aspirations which guides them in the structuring and functioning of an organisation. These aspirations are expressed in strategic intent ---- means intention and this leads to on end and this end is the Vision of the Organisation.

Benefits of vision : 

Benefits of vision Good visions are inspiring Shows what to be achieved as an ultimate position Good visions are compititive, unique and original Boost long term thing and guids org. working to work on common philosophy

Mission : 

Mission it is a statement which defines the role that an organisation plaus in the society. It is a link that the orgn. Develops between its existence and the need of the society.

Characteristics of mission : 

Characteristics of mission Feasibility it should be realstics and achievable mission statement should always high but should not be impossible

conclusion : 

conclusion Vision is future dream of promoters of an organisation. Based on its foundation. Top management designs a statement of its existence in the society, which is called mission.

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