What is Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying : 

Cyber Bullying By: Sonya Ann Blas Omar Jarquin Ewalani Escrupulo Robert Young

What is Cyber Bullying? : 

What is Cyber Bullying? Sending unwanted messages mean, vulgar, or threatening Posting private information about someone online Pretending to be someone else to make someone look bad Excluding someone from an online group Distributing embarrassing pictures electronically

Ways of Cyber Bullying : 

Ways of Cyber Bullying Text messages Emails Instant messaging Web pages Blogs Chat rooms

Who are the victims and perpetrators? : 

Who are the victims and perpetrators? Usually middle school and high school students are victims Girls are twice as likely to be victims and perpetrators Sometimes friends cyber bully each other Perpetrators can be kids and adults Teachers also get cyber bullied

Statistics on Cyber Bullying : 

Statistics on Cyber Bullying 43% of teens have been victims of cyber bullying in the last year. 30% of teens wanted to seek revenge on those who cyber bullied them. 80% of teens said there was no parental control of online activities. 11% of teens talk to their parents on cyber bulling.

What adults could do : 

What adults could do Be aware of the technology that kids use and how they work. Keep home computers in viewable places. Talk regularly with your children about their online activities. Tell them about cyber bullying. Respect their privacy, but check in once in a while. Encourage uses of technology to report cyber bullying.

Tips when being cyber bullied : 

Tips when being cyber bullied Do not read the messages. Do not erase the messages. Tell the teacher or administrator if it is school related. Never agree to meet the person or anyone else online. With messengers, cyber bullies can be blocked. If threatened with harm, inform local police.

Sources for our presentation : 

Sources for our presentation www.google.com http://stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/adult/indexAdult.asp?Area=cyberbullying http://www.reachout.com.au/default.asp?ti=2879 http://www.ncpc.org/topics/by-audience/parents/bullying/cyberbullying/cyberbullying.pdf

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