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An Introductory Poem: Cyber Bullying : 

Group 3 Sonya Ann Blas Omar Jarquin Ewalani Escrupulo Robert Young An Introductory Poem: Cyber Bullying

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What is cyber bullying? Let’s take a look I’ll read you a poem Instead of a book   Our goal is to teach you But here’s the deal First we’ll let you Get the feel

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Of how it is hurtful To the young one’s around It’s not physical harm But it slams them to the ground   Megan Meier Is one sad case A victim of cyber bullying the world she couldn’t face

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A group of kids And adults too Scammed her online It went way askew   They posed as a boy On MySpace you see She began to like him And so did “He”

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And then one day The plot was unleashed The parents and kids Were as bad as beasts   The fake relationship Between Megan and the “Boy” Was hurtful to her She felt like a toy

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She couldn’t stand Their cruel intentions To embarrass her She had so many tensions   She ended her life At 13 years old Cyber bullying killed her And her story was told

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A law was then passed In her home state Against cyber bullying For Megan, It was too late.   And now that you know How bad it can be Let’s get to the details So that you can see

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Exactly what it is And how it works Who are the victims And that there are no perks   What is cyber bullying? Let’s take a look And when we are done You’re off the hook

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Cyber bullying Targets children and youth The perpetrators can be adults And that is the truth   It is mental harm inflicted Through so many ways Like emails and texting It happens through nights and days

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A kid can get cyber bullied In blogs and chat rooms And cell phones and web pages At home or in classrooms   The messages can be Mean, vulgar, threatening terms Or images also It’s like spreading germs

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It could be postings of private, Sensitive information, too Not meant to be shared. But the pranksters still do.   For adults this situation Is different you see Instead it’s called harassment For you to cyber bully me

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Be careful with what Children do with phones and online Talk to them about cyber bullying And how it is a crime   Encourage them to share About their online activities And to report to you With any negativities

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And Now that you have An idea about this This Intro is done Let’s start the real business

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