Tips for Silver Care and Maintainance


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Here are some easy tips to take good care of your silver articles


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Tips for Silver Care and Maintainance:

Tips for Silver Care and Maintainance


Introduction It’s hard not to be crazy about sterling silver jewellery. Between its luster, its brilliance, and its versatility, it’s easy to see why silver is one of the most popular materials for jewellery worldwide. However, silver is also relatively fragile and may develop tarnish, stains or scratches if not maintained and cleaned properly. Best Silver Jewellery Showrooms in Madurai have Quality Silver collections which are easy to maintain.


Wear One of the easiest ways to avoid tarnish on your jewellery is simply to wear them often. This is because the oils in your skin will “clean” the silver and keep it look shiny.

Avoid exposure:

Avoid exposure Contact with household chemicals, perspiration, rubber, chlorinated water, or any substances which contain sulfur, will cause corrosion and tarnish. Among others, it’s a good idea to remove silver jewellery when doing household chores. Moreover, direct sunlight for long periods of time also causes silver to tarnish, so be sure to take off your silver jewellery before you go swimming and sunbathing. Lotions, cosmetics, hair spray and hair products, and perfumes are also “enemies” of silver and will accelerate tarnishing — so be sure to get that done before you put on your magnificent silver pieces!

Protection from Tarnishing:

Protection from Tarnishing One of the best way to preserve your silver is to store it correctly. First of all, make sure each piece is completely dry before storing it. As exposure to air tarnishes silver jewellery, storing silver in airtight plastic bags with anti-tarnish strips is a great preventative measure.

Good Storage:

Good Storage Just make sure you don’t store multiple jewellery pieces in the same bag . silver is a soft metal, so the individual pieces can scratch each other. Link or chain bracelets should be kept unclasped or unhooked to prevent scratching as well. If you can’t use plastic bags, try to make sure that the storage area has low humidity. You can also place a piece of chalk, a packet of activated charcoal, or a container of silica gel in the storage area to minimize tarnish.

Avoid storing with Tarnishing properties:

Avoid storing with Tarnishing properties If you don’t have the bags, you can also try wrapping each piece of silverware in acid-free tissue paper or anti-tarnish paper. You can also wrap pieces in flannel. Store the silver in a compartment separate from the rest of your jewellery. Never store silver jewellery where it can contact rubber, stainless steel, or paint.


Conclusion Well-cared-for silver jewellery can give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment and even become family heirlooms. And, of course, silver is valuable. So don’t wait until tarnish has become so bad that you forget about your silver treasures or even get rid of them. Give your jewellery a fresh start today! Visit Best Pooja Articles Shop in Madurai for best silver collections.

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