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http://www.square-9.com/document-management-software | Offices can be very busy places with lots of people, paper, and information buzzing about. We have compiled 6 things a business can change to make their company more productive.


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Your Company, 6 Easy Changes To Make Your Business Better More Efficient

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Offices can be very busy places with a lot of people, paper, and information buzzing about. The following presentation consists of 6 business areas that can easily be improved to make YOUR company more productive.

Flexible Hours:

Flexible Hours It feels like the 9 to 5 business model may be the only option for you or your employees, but many companies are changing that mindset and seeing great benefits. Allowing employees to choose which hours work best for them can have a profound change in your personnel’s morale, performance, and commitment. Everyone is different – some work better early in the morning, while others don’t hit their stride until noon. Flexible schedules can reduce absenteeism and tardiness, while also lowering your company’s turnover.

Document Management :

Document Management Your company can waste several hundred hours filing and looking for paperwork. Utilize document management software to make rummaging through documents a thing of the past – let your computer do the searching for you. Spend your time dealing with the document, not looking for it.

Diverse Hiring :

Diverse Hiring A study published in the Harvard Business Review showed that teams comprised of all male or all female members did much worse than teams that had both females and males. In 2011, 85% of the respondents to a Forbes survey found that diversity was crucial to creating innovation – having members of different ages, genders, backgrounds, and lifestyles will help the business increase its market share.

Automated Workflow :

Automated Workflow Your employees rely on each other – tasks and documents will be passed back and forth between departments, sometimes many departments. Keeping everyone on time and on the same page with their document related-responsibilities will help everything move faster. A paperless workflow can be the answer – when one part of a project is finished, the system can automatic push it to the next person in the chain and even alert them that it is ready. No need for additional emails, phone calls or walks around the office – the project will automatically move forward.

Provide Snacks :

Provide Snacks In a study done by Staples, half of the respondents said they left the office to get coffee or snacks at least one time during the day; some reported making at least five trips per day – these breaks are totaling a whopping 2.4 billion hours of lost work time within the U.S. each year. Providing your office with snacks can end up saving the company money in labor. Even employer paid snacks can save your company money since 100% of employer provided snacks are tax deductible.

Paperless :

In today’s economy there is a big push to go paperless not only for environmental reasons, but to instantly boost office productivity– computer documents can be shared, updated, and sent within seconds. Paper wastes time and money; consider the hours spent searching for lost or misfiled documents and the time involved recreating those files. In addition, to keep up with your paper output you must spend money on copiers, fax machines, staplers, binders, and filing cabinets – all of these things take time out of your employees’ hands and aren’t required in a paperless office. Paperless

In Review :

In Review Flexible Hours Document Management Diverse Hiring Automated Workflow Providing Snacks Going Paperless These six changes can help your employees to work faster, more efficiently, and stay happier.

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