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Cheyenne HARDWARE Our building was built in 1911 and has housed a hardware or similar business since the very beginning (1920s, 90s and now 2010).

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Cheyenne HARDWARE The hardware, circa 2006, was in need of some TLC and mechanical improvements to make it more comfortable for customers and staff.

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Cheyenne HARDWARE In addition to mechanical improvements and expanding the inventory, the staff has invested a great deal of time cleaning and reorganizing the inventory.

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Cheyenne HARDWARE The store re-set is complete. Cheyenne Hardware is positioned for the future. Our analysis points to a sustainable business. It is time for Rod and Capital City Bank to focus on new pursuits and leave the store operation to others. The danger is past!

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Cheyenne HARDWARE Note: The real estate is not part of the “business.” Epic has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars transforming the building into 6 apartments and retail space. We receive calls from retail / office tenant prospects and will re-let to these if others don’t invest in the Hardware. (everything is for sale -- for a price)

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Cheyenne HARDWARE Twelve Investors at $5,000 per share. New Capital used to payoff Bank Loan. New Capital used to payoff Wholesaler. Remaining liabilities limited to Hoisington Main Street, Inc., zero or one percent interest loans. Deadline October 1, 2010. Continue operations as in recent past. Staff paid minimum wage (manager a bit more). Move bookkeeping and payroll to Hoisington via 3rd party contract. Pay monthly rent to Epic. Quarterly shareholder meetings.