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Athletic Gears - Buy Them Online:

Athletic Gears - Buy Them Online

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The roots of athletic tree go a long way and the exact date of its birth is not exactly confirmed. Although one can say that the sport was even played during ancient Greek period in Athens. You might have even come across sport being played in the famous Asterix and Obelix comic series, which is entirely fictional and fantasy. Nonetheless, athletic events are a famous sport and have been played for several thousand years.

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It comes under the field events of track and field sports. It is commonly conducted in every Olympics which happens once in every four years. A lot of nations participate at the Olympics with a lot of pride at stake and their main goal is to grab as many gold medals as possible in every possible event. About 33 countries participate once in every four years and it is expected to go higher in terms of numbers as the respected boards are considering the quality of every sporting country.

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Though these games are just considered events at the Olympics, they can be classified into track and field events respectively. Track events include meters dash (which varies from 100 meters to about 1600 meters or even more), hurdles where the same dash events are held, but with a slight modification of obstacles placed in the track, and finally relay race where a group of individuals represent a nation and compete against other nations in a single race event.

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Field events on the other side include shot put, long jump, high jump, triple jump, discus throw , javelin throw, gymnastics, archery, shooting, weight lifting , skating, swimming and the list goes on. The participants representing various countries compete against each other by attempting several attempts which falls under the norms defined by many sporting federations and committees.

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The athletes are trained right from childhood period and they have come through several selection procedures to get up to this level where they can represent their nation's glory. The boards are also pretty strict and they conduct several medical and physical fitness tests upon the participating athletes just to verify their capabilities and uphold the fairness of the sports. If anyone is tested to be positive for usage of drugs and other strength and stamina enhancing drugs, the participants are immediately disqualified.

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In case they are proven positive after the respective event has been conducted and in case they had won any medals, they are right royally stripped of the medal and their achievement and the person following him in terms of competition is awarded the medal. Thus, these events are conducted with immense strict procedure and it always has fair play included.

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Although the participants use minimal amount of equipment in terms of athletic events, they still do have some equipment such as training tools, running shoes with special spikes or studs, stop watches and other clocking devices to record the event and the time. All these equipments are available online as well as on retail and wholesale athletic stores . You can avail for great deals when you order for them in bulk online.