Proper Technique of Brushing Teeth

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Proper Technique of Brushing Teeth:

Proper Technique of Brushing Teeth


It is essential for us to brush our teeth so that we can splash out our beautiful smile. But according to an expert dentist, although the people are aware of brushing teeth, they are still infusing it the wrong way and due to these, they are also prone to have different oral problems such as tooth decay, toothache, bleeding gums and even oral cancers. To decrease their chance of having such oral problems, it is dentist advice that they have to learn the proper technique of brushing and the use of correct brushing tools.


1. Always start with the correct set of tools This is the very first step in brushing. We have to use proper toothpaste and toothbrush. According to Dental health Association, manual and powered brushes are both effective tools for cleaning teeth. All we have to do is to choose the right types of brush we are comfortable with that can clean every area of our teeth.


2. Outer Surface Cleaning In cleaning the outer surface of our teeth we should follow a methodical method to ensure that we are actually cleaning our teeth thoroughly. Experts advise that we should start cleaning our teeth by tilting the brush on an angle and gently sweep it in a back and forth motion. This is done along the gum of the teeth on both front and back. This is also the right way of cleaning the upper front and back teeth. From there, brush the first six set of teeth both upper and lower on the inside and the tongue using the tip if the brush with an up and down stroke to eliminate plaque along the gum line.


3. Tongue Cleaning To keep the mouth healthy, brushing is not enough. We should also scrub our tongue to remove bacteria build up that could cause bad breath. 4. Cleaning the Chewing Surfaces Overall, cleaning the entire mouth can last for two minutes and that routine is really effective. After we have brushed our teeth’s outer surface, it is now time for us to focus on the chewing surfaces. Unlike the outer surface, chewing surfaces are not smooth and unwanted substances can easily stick on uneven surfaces. With a use of back and forth motion, we should brush chewing areas really well so that we can prevent any bacteria build up.


As we learn the proper way of brushing, it is now time to keep it as a daily habit. Brushing twice a day one in the morning and one before going to bed with the proper way of brushing can ensure that plaques and germs has no room in your mouth and what is left is a healthy, clean and sparkling white teeth.



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