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20 slides in 4 minutes or something like that.


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How to Brew Coffee At Home : 

How to Brew Coffee At Home Social Meandering

anonymity : 

anonymity opportunity

silence : 

silence community

tools : 

tools technology

Slide 6: 

Networks don't have people. People have networks. - Demian Entrekin

social : 

social investments

knowledge : 

knowledge experience

people : 

people sharing

bloggers : 

bloggers goals

concepts : 

concepts results

right way : 

right way passion

process : 

process ideas

i didn’t have : 

i didn’t have 10 words on what I’m doing

4 kids, a wife : 

4 kids, a wife 2 dogs

Slide 18: 

What’s the Focus?

Slide 19: 

What’s the opportunity?

Slide 20: 

What’s the plan?

Slide 21: Credits[email protected]/ SOBCON group

Slide 22: [email protected]

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