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According to the interior designers, hagging canvas wall art on wall is a great way to capture your personality and creativity and express yourself in your space. https://sparknow.com/shop/wall-art/canvas


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4 Effective Tips on How to Hang Wall Art:

4 Effective Tips on How to Hang Wall Art Hang Art at Eye Level Balance the Scales No Do-Overs For You Find the Shape of the Wall

Hang Wall Art at Eye Level:

Hang Wall Art at Eye Level A very common error is to hang wall art too high. If no furniture pieces are situated below, the ideal height for that wall art beauty is somewhere between 155-160cm from the floor.

Balance the Scales:

Balance the Scales That wall art that you want to hang above your sofa or sideboard must be in scale with the furniture below it. Having art that is too small or big will cause the entire arrangement to look strange. Ensure that your canvas wall art is at least two-thirds the size of that furniture piece under it.

No Do-Overs For You:

No Do-Overs For You Before you come anywhere near your wall, first trace the outline of each piece on some paper, and cut it out. If you’re hanging portraits, draw arrows on the paper to indicate the direction that the subject is looking. Tape these papers to your selected wall area to determine if spacing, sizing, and height work for you.

Find the Shape of the Wall:

Find the Shape of the Wall Another common mistake we see is when wall art is just way too small for the space. Big wall art can be an intimidating buy (and an investment), but generally the wall art you hang should be in the same shape and orientation as the wall it’s trying to fill.


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