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Ergonomic furniture is a contented substitute to your normal office furniture. Ergonomic office furniture is a great investment in your work and the health of you and your employees. Here are some benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture… These will help you to organize your office in better way.


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Slide 1: Top 7 Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

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Slide 3: The health implications of sitting are numerous, from cardiovascular issues to swollen ankles . If you sit in a way that doesn't work for your body, the implications can be even worse. You can develop carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and hip stiffness. All of these can limit your range of mobility, forcing your body to compensate in ways that can cause more stress and injury .

Slide 4: Sitting Too Long Is Unhealthy

Slide 5: There are tangible health benefits to having ergonomic office furniture. The first is that sitting too long every day has a negative impact on your health. That's true even if you go to the gym every day. You can spend an hour at the gym and erase those positive benefits if you spend the rest of the day sitting.

Slide 6: If that's the case, then how long should you spend on your feet? Researchers found that you should be on your feet for at least two hours a day, and then gradually increase the time to four hours. To counteract the adverse effects of sitting all day, you should consider purchasing a stand-up desk.

Slide 7: Cost Savings

Slide 8: You might think that it's a big investment to purchase ergonomic office furniture. Like every sound business decision, there's a return on investment in making this purchase. If your business has a profit margin of 3%, you'd have to make an additional $4.2 million in sales to cover those costs. That's only one instance of carpal tunnel syndrome. When put in those terms, an investment in office furniture seems like a minimal investment with long-term benefits.

Slide 9: Higher Productivity

Slide 10: Workers who are in a comfortable setting can focus more on their work. The more focused they are, the more productive they are.   Employees who are in pain or frequently experience discomfort tend to be more tired, which means they aren't as focused on work and are less productive.   Equipment such as ergonomic keyboards can help employees type faster, thus increasing productivity.

Slide 11: Fresh Design Builds Employee Morale

Slide 12: Employee morale doesn't come from paychecks and bonuses. That's also true with perks like ping-pong tables, and arcade games at the office.   There's been a shift in office design from creating a workplace for maximum productivity to creating an environment that puts the health and well-being of the employee first .  

Slide 13: It's been proven that the design of a workplace can have a direct impact on employee morale.   A fresh design with new ergonomic office furniture sends the message that employees are valued.

Slide 14: Create a Safety Culture

Slide 15: It helps to reduce workplace injuries due to sitting all day. Employees might also be straining their arms and shoulders because they're reaching for a mouse at an awkward angle.   Ergonomic office furniture can reduce workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. An ergonomic set up can reduce the instances where employees have to leave in order to go to doctor's appointments for back issues or other health problems.

Slide 16: What exactly can happen to the body when you sit all day?

Slide 17: The first thing is that your muscles degenerate. Your abdominal muscles, which work to hold you upright, become weak. Your gluts also become weak and your hip flexors become tight.   That works to create a pelvic tilt, which can put added strain on your lower back.   When you sit for a long period of time, your body slows down. That includes blood flow and brain function.

Slide 18: Your neck and shoulders also become strained, causing your shoulders to rotate forward.   These issues cause your body to be out of alignment and lead to injuries when you're not at the office. If you play sports on the weekend, you'll definitely want to invest in ergonomic office furniture. That will help your posture and reduce injuries away from work, doing the activities you love.

Slide 19: Create an Engaged Workplace

Slide 20: When your employees are in an environment where health and safety are part of the company culture, they feel valued.   Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more engaged . Employee engagement also has an impact on your customers. The more engaged employees are, the more satisfied your customers are.

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