10 Basic Things You Must Know About Storage Solution


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There is a solution for this in the form of a Sheffield storage solution. Here you are provided a place where you can store your belongings.


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10 Basic Things You Must Know About Storage Solution

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Shifting has never been an easy task. It involves a lot of pain, both mentally as well as physically. Mentally in terms of feelings and attachment that you develop with the 4 walls and the surroundings, inclusive of people and physically in the terms of burden of packing all your belongings big or small, cheap or expensive in a lot and then carrying it to a new place. Be it shifting from a house or relocating your business, there may arise a need that you require a storage place for a temporary period, a place where you can store your belongings unless you do not find new premises where you can easily shift with your load of luggage. There is a solution for this in the form of a Sheffield storage solution. Here you are provided a place where you can store your belongings. The major highlights that you must know are as follows: About Storage Solution

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1. You can store as much quantity of items as you want. Be it less or more there is room for all. 2. There is no issue related to the time span for which you wish to store your stuff. It can range from a day to months. You are free to take your time. 3. Be it a petty item or else an expensive one, you can store each and everything here. There is no issue related to this.

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4. The storage facility is flexible in all the possible ways it can including the affordability. 5. The items that you store is free from any sort of damage or theft. Therefore, you need not worry about the same. Your valuable possessions will be in safe hands. 6. The storage warehouses are well guarded and protected. These are monitored 24*7 for all the days of the year with the help of the CCTV. There is a specially designed team for it. Recording system is also followed.

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7. All your possessions are fully insured as long as these are in storage with a liability cover included for up to £1000. An additional cover can be purchased for 50p per £1000 of value on your possessions. 8. You have two options. You can either get your items yourself to the warehouse or else we can do it for you. In case you chose the latter option then our fleet vehicles visited your house with our purpose built Storage containers already on board. Your things will then be carefully loaded into the storage containers and everything will be sealed.

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9. A full inventory of all your items is taken; a copy for your records is also handed over to you. Our lorry then returns to our Sheffield storage facility where the containers are stored. The highly trained staff recruited will take the utmost care of your possessions whole packaging them. You are assured that your stuff is in right and careful hands. 10. The size of our storage containers are 7ft. x 7 ft. x 7ft. = 250 Cubic Feet in which your possessions are stored. These remain untouched till the time you require them back. These are charged at £10 per week. Conclusively, this is a best way to store your possessions unless you do not fond a comfortable accommodation. You can get the benefits of the deal if you indulge in long term storage.

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