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Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach offer Fuller, plumper lips with such a quick recovery time and also boost your appearance needs.


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Lip Augmentation in Virginia Beach If youve ever considered getting lip augmentation you already know the biggest benefit it offers: fuller luscious and youthful looking lips. Yet the benefits of this treatment dont stop here Here are some more details on the lip filler and what you can expect from a rise in the lip. What is Lip Augmentation Lip augmentation ​ is a cosmetic procedure intended to give patients plumper fuller lips. ​Dermal fillers ​ are the most commonly used method for lip augmentation today and they are typically inserted around the mouth and into the lips. While other types of fillers exist hyaluronic acids are by far the most common forms providing the best and most predictable results. Hyaluronic acid is present in the body naturally. Benefits of Restylane Silk Lip Filler ● Extremely low risk of allergic reaction:​ Although some substances can cause allergic reactions hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human body. That means a highly unlikely allergic reaction. Many more people are allergic to numbing chemicals and if you are be sure to tell your cosmetic surgeon. ● Control your lip volume. ​A doctor should constantly watch how much lip filler is applied so that the amount of lip volume produced can be better controlled ​.  ● Eliminates wrinkles in the area.​Lip enhancement with filler plump your lips up — it even smoothes the lines around your mouth as well. The whole area is looking more youthful and rejuvenated. ● Lasting results.​ ​Lip increase will give you long-lasting results worth your time and energy but not permanent – so you wouldnt have to make a lifetime commitment.

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Lip Augmentation at Spa and Laser Center  Schedule your free consultation ​ now to learn more about lip augmentation at ​Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach ​. This could be your plumper year more lovely lips and fewer wrinkles around your smile.

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Contact Us: The Spa Laser Center 2829 Shore Drive Virginia Beach VA 23451 Phone No.: ​ 757-965-7444 Website: ​

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