Sovereign Home Improvements Is Now Installing Aluminium Windows

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Sovereign Home Improvements Is Now Installing Aluminium Windows Sovereign Home Improvements is now installing many more aluminium windows as these are rapidly grow in popularity. Aluminium windows are of high performance and energy efficient helping to reduce the carbon footprint of any home or business. They can reduce heat loss through the glass by as much as 60 which is amazing. Furthermore aluminium windows are incredibly durable and it is quite possible that once installed they will last a lifetime. There is no maintenance required at all other than normal window cleaning. These aluminium windows are also manufactured with a range of different profiles and so can adapt to suit any type of building whether brand new or of traditional styling. The aluminium windows offered by Sovereign Home Improvements are available in a choice of over 400 colours and can also feature dual colour with a different colour on the inside of the room from that on the outside of the home. The aluminium windows produced by Sovereign Home Improvements for double glazing in Essex homes can be of virtually any style or even shape but by far the most popular is the casement window.

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This is a window with hinges at the side and can open either inwards or outwards. The frames themselves can be produced in a number of different profiles. Casement windows can also be hinged at the top in which case they are called awning windows or they can be hinged at the bottom when they are called hopper windows. Aluminium windows can also be tilt and turn. These windows open 90° into the room which means that you never need a window cleaner again because you can clean the outside of the window from within the room. They can also tilt open at the top into one of seven or eight positions so that you can let in fresh air even when it is raining so long as the rain is not driving directly at the window. These are also useful in confined spaces such as a narrow passage at the side of a house where you couldnt use an outward opening casement window. Sliding sash windows can be double hung or single hung. With double hung sash windows both sashes in the window frame are operable and can move up and down. A single hung sash window has the top sash fixed in place and only the bottom sash is operable. About The Company: Sovereign Home Improvements can install aluminium windows of any style and size in Essex and now covers the whole county. For further information contact Matthew or Lewis Adair on 0800 1777 771 or email Lewis Adair Sovereign Home Improvements Limited 51 Lodge Lane Grays Essex RM17 5RZ