Total quality management (TQM)

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Total quality management (TQM):

Total quality management (TQM) Presented by :- Name :- Sourabh Gupta Roll no :- 04-DBM-12-13 Management principles and techniques.

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. TQM may be defined as corporate strategy whose aim is to ensure that customers requirement are satisfied and which concentrates all efforts firmly on the needs of the internal and external customers…..

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Total Quality Management Doing things right….. …. FIRST time.

Elements of TQM:

Elements of TQM Leadership Top management vision, planning and support. Employee involvement All employees assume responsibility for the quality of their work. Product/Process Excellence Involves the process for continuous improvement.

Elements of TQM:

Elements of TQM Continuous Improvement A concept that recognizes that quality improvement is a journey with no end and that there is a need for continually looking for new approaches for improving quality. Customer Focus on “Fitness for Use” Design quality Specific characteristics of a product that determine its value in the marketplace. Conformance quality The degree to which a product meets its design specifications.

Views of Quality in Services:

Views of Quality in Services Technical Quality versus Functional Quality Technical quality — the core element of the good or service. Functional quality — customer perception of how the good functions or the service is delivered. Expectations and Perceptions Customers’ prior expectations (generalized and specific service experiences) and their perception of service performance affect their satisfaction with a service. Satisfaction = (Perception of Performance) – (Expectation)

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Customer’s expectations concerning a product or service Customer’s perceptions concerning the product or service Previous Experience Word of mouth communications Image of product or service Customer’s own specification of quality Management’s concept of the product or service organization’s specification of quality The actual product or service Gap 1 Gap 2 Gap 3 Gap 4 A “Gap” model of Quality


PRINCIPLES OF TQM Leadership Customer focus Involvement of people/employees Process approach Factual approach System approach

Implementing TQM:

Implementing TQM Successful Implementation of TQM Requires total integration of TQM into day-to-day operations. Causes of TQM Implementation Failures Lack of focus on strategic planning and core competencies. Obsolete, outdated organizational cultures.

Obstacles to Implementing TQM:

Obstacles to Implementing TQM Lack of a company-wide definition of quality.. Lack of a customer focus. Poor inter-organizational communication. Lack of real employee empowerment. Lack of employee trust in senior management. Drive for short-term financial results.

Some criticisms of TQM:

Some criticisms of TQM Blind pursuit of TQM programs Programs may not be linked to strategies Quality-related decisions may not be tied to market performance Failure to carefully plan a program

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