Communinity based seed industry


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It covers a seed industry where Farmer's are the share Holders


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By- Soumoyadeep Das B.Sc.(Ag.) 8 th sem . BFIT,DEHRADUN IN association with KVK N adia STUDY OF SEED INDUSTRY


INTRODUCTION Seed is fertilized mature ovule(True Seed). Seed processing is the process of upgrading seed quality. It includes cleaning & grading operation, cleaning removes extraneous material.

Foundation Seed of Paddy:

Foundation Seed of Paddy

Certified Seed of Paddy:

Certified Seed of Paddy


GONTRA SAMABAYA KRISHI UNNAYAN SAMITY LTD. Gontra S.K.U.S was established in the year 1952 at Ghetugachi village of Nadia In the year 1996-97, seed production was started . This organization has total of thousand working members where no. of permanent members are twelve and six board of Directors. Gontra Samabay Krishi Unnayan Samity has three units. Main office is situated at Ghentugachi and two branches are located at Simurali chourasta and Kalibajar of Chakdaha block respectively


OBJECTIVES Production and processing of quality seed . Supply of Fertilizer and agro-chemicals. Provide Irrigation and improved technology to the farmers . Conservation of indigenous varieties

Assets procured:

Assets procured Soil testing lab. Plant health clinic. Training hall (Agriculture). Two – fertilizer godown. One – factory (seed production). One – retail store. One – grain storage godown . Tractor Power tiller Combine harvester etc.

Varieties for production:

Varieties for production Many varieties of rice have already been released from this society. GB-1 , 2, 3 are among the popular released varieties. In addition to those varieties, 42 varieties of rice are being marketed from here. Some other varieties which are produced include Matraiyee,Asha for lentil Roma ,Sabitri for Sesamum etc

Working process for seed production and processing:

Working process for seed production and processing

Steps of seed processing:

Steps of seed processing 1. Seed cleaning 2. Seed moisture testing 3. Seed drying 4.Seed Grading 5. Seed viability testing 5. Seed health testing SEED GRADER Drying of seeds SEPERATION OF UNDESIRABLE ELEMENT

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ACHIEVEMENTS Development of concept of seed village which has become a role model for the whole country. Propagation of idea of Integrated farming system for low land Ecosystem


MARKETING Industries are using its own outlet for sale. Experiences of previous year indicate that company was able to sale about 40% of produce through own sale counter. Subsequent queries from farmers are encouraging. Rest of the material was sold through dealer or to NSC. Company plans to increase its dealer’s network throughout the locality and also have suitable tie-ups with state/central agencies for sale of seed and anticipates that there would be no problem with sale of seeds.

Future Objectives:

Future Objectives To improve the seed laboratory Modern machinery with facilities for packaging. To increase in the purity percentage of seeds. To set a benchmark on their products and thus make their society a brand. To increase their production and motivate more farmers to be engaged in seed production. To increase the market area of the production.


CONCLUSION Since its inception in,1952 for catering credit needs of farmers it has come a long way, facing closure in 1960s owing to declining economic condition it was reopened in 1969 and hadn’t have to look back ever since with initial assistance from NABARD it is now a self sustaining entity with annual turnover of over 7 crores and over 1000 registered villagers under it wing. It started concept of seed village in 1997 which was later passed as an act on 2002 shows the extent of its growth, what is striking about it is that it is for ,off and by the people unlike other industries the farmers being the main stakeholders .

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