Top Trends in Responsive Web Design for 2018

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Fancy Typography allows web designers to create eye-catching designs with high-resolution pictures without slowing websites down. Some of the most popular fonts, such as slab, Gothic, modern sans-serifand script will become trendy in 2018. Learn some more trends for 2018 in Responsive Web Design.


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Top Trends in Responsive Web Design for 2018:

Top Trends in Responsive Web Design for 2018

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Today , there’s no shortage of technological marvels. It seems that each year features technological advancements that are better than the last. This is especially true when it comes to web technology. Advanced web technology is essential for building high-quality websites and/or applications and amazing user experience (UX).

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As each year gets better than the last, the year 2018 is shaping up to be one that takes web technology to new heights. It will be all about creating a rich user experience with sleek, simple designs and showcasing trending technologies, such as voice user interfaces, machine learning and virtual reality. Below are four trends in web responsive design that are making websites and apps seamless.

The Popular Internet of Things (IoT):

The Popular Internet of Things ( IoT ) Basically , the Internet of Things uses smart technology to connect “smart-enabled” devices to the internet. In 2018, web developers will be using this technology to make websites more interactive and more “connected.”

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For example, IoT interfaces will be integrated into web design to allow users to interact with smart devices. However, web developers and business owners must keep things small and prevent complex backends by creating simple IoT interfaces.

Growing Flat Design:

Growing Flat Design In 2017, flat design was perhaps the most popular type of web design. It’s used to create “mobile-forward” websites that are clean, simple, fast and optimised for mobile performance. The simple designs allow web pages to load quickly on both computers and mobile devices. However, flat design still allows developers to create engaging, SEO (search engine optimised )-friendly websites.

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It does this by decluttering (getting rid of all the unnecessary images) and using bright colours , space, simple imagery and sharp edges to create attention-grabbing designs. Additionally, decluttering allows websites to lose their extra data, which leads to faster optimisation and page response time. A site that loads faster will rank higher on search engines. This is making flat design a popular choice for business owners as well.

Perfecting Machine Learning,Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Perfecting Machine Learning,Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) For the year 2018, many companies will be looking to further perfect the technologies of machine learning, chatbots and AI. In the past, “ bot technology” was a nuisance that slowed down simple tasks, but 2017 turned that around. Now, it’s a leading technology that’s being developed and used on social media websites.

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However , in 2018, these technologies will be developed further so that they can be implemented into other types of websites. This means that when machine learning technology is integrated into web design, websites will have the ability to present customers with services or products that match their past interactions.

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In 2018, more and more websites will also be using voice user interface or natural language processing. Basically, it’s interacting with a device by speaking to it. Examples of this technology include Siri and Cortana . If this technology is combined with machine learning and placed on a website, it’ll have the ability to predict a user’s needs.

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So , users won’t have to browse web pages to find products or services, meaning web interactions will be even faster and easier. Perfected AI, machine learning and chatbots will also make customer service faster and more efficient. However, to get the most out of this technology you’ll need a top web design company like SOS Media Corp.

The Simplicity of Expressive Typography:

The Simplicity of Expressive Typography Websites are getting simpler, but typography or fonts are getting fancier. In fact, typography is becoming the web designer’s way of showing creativity and personality. It allows them to create eye-catching designs without cluttering up their clients’ websites with high-resolution pictures.

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Fancy typography can do the same job as pictures without slowing websites down. Some of the most popular fonts that will continue to be trendy in 2018, include slab, Gothic, modern sans- serifand script. But, companies can create their own font that’s exclusive to their brand. For example, AirBnB uses its own special font and colours that can’t be replicated by any other company.

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