5 Questions You Should Ask a Web Developer Before Hiring

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Hiring a web developer for a company is a good thing in this day and age, as they will help you bring your business to the top. But before hiring, do ask them some important and useful questions. Have a look at those questions by checking out the attachment provided.


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5 Questions You Should Ask a Web Developer Before Hiring:

5 Questions You Should Ask a Web Developer Before Hiring

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You can determine the quality of a web development service to some extent by looking at past projects. However, this will tell you little about whether the professional can develop a website to your specifications and needs. To fully assess any web developer in Edmonton , you need to ask a few key questions.

1. What Technologies Do You Use?:

1. What Technologies Do You Use? Familiarize yourself with major web technologies before you start the interview. This will help you decide if the web developer is giving you a valid answer. You should hear names of programming languages (like Javascript , PHP, and Python) and databases (for instance, MySQL , Oracle, and Redis ).

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One essential answer to this question is a mention of web standards. Only by using web standards is a website able to adapt to new technology and visitors. Web developers that use standards will likely mention CSS, XHTML, or ECMA Scripts.

3. Do You Offer Ongoing Support?:

3. Do You Offer Ongoing Support? You need to know if your web developer will be available if something goes wrong, such as if the site breaks, malfunctions, or suffers a hack. If the developer does offer support, find out if this is 24 hours a day or just during business hours.

4. Do You Use SEO Best Practices?:

4. Do You Use SEO Best Practices? Developing for SEO will get your website off to a good start. The web developer should be knowledgeable of best practices, like using CSS to reduce code, creating script files instead of including script on the page, and maximizing the amount of text on a page.

5. Who Will Own the Site?:

5. Who Will Own the Site? Finally, ask if the domain name and hosting will be registered in the developer’s name or yours. It is always best to register in your name, as this gives you the freedom to change to a different developer in the future. It also prevents you from losing the site if the developer goes out of business.

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Before you make a decision, ensure that the professional is able to offer custom web development to meet your wishes. The right developer in Edmonton will be able to answer all the above questions to your satisfaction, and will provide you with a solution that adds great value to your business.

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