Things to Look for When Searching for a Web Designer

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SOS Media Corp is the source for customized web design & development services that can enhance your online business. Our designs are mobile friendly, fast loading, perfect for both large and small businesses, with options such as E-commerce integration, and content management (CMS).


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Things to Look for When Searching for a Web Designer:

Things to Look for When Searching for a Web Designer

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Launching a new business website requires various steps and components. One of the most important components is choosing a web developer and/or designer.

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Your website is a representation of your business, reputation, brand and products, which can be the key to acquiring and retaining customers. Therefore, it’s important to choose the best web design company for you. However, because there are so many web designers out there, you’ll need some help. Below are four helpful things to look for when searching for a web designer.

Offer a Content Management System:

Offer a Content Management System A content management system (CMS) is a necessity for every business website. Every CMS is a set of related programs or software application used to manage and create digital content.

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Features of a CMS can vary depending on business needs, but generally they’re designed to provide format management, publishing, indexing, search and retrieval and revision control. This automation frees your developers from manual, time-consuming updates, and most importantly, enhances the functionality of your site. Some content management options even offer tools for one-to-one marketing that allows you to create user-specific content derived from data collection. Remember that the best agencies will offer modern management systems, such as Drupal , WordPress and Magento .

Have Extensive Knowledge of Responsive Design and Conversion:

Have Extensive Knowledge of Responsive Design and Conversion Today , smartphones and tablets are the preferred way to communicate, surf the web and even shop. This makes responsive design a must-have for modern websites.

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Your designer should be well-versed in responsive design, and advise you against creating a separate mobile website. In fact, experienced designers won’t even suggest a unique mobile site. Responsive design is the preferred method for optimum mobile functionality, and ensuring your site is optimized for any device. Your designer should also have extensive knowledge of web conversion. Conversion includes, call-to-action, navigation and proper layout; methods that must be used to create your website.

Have a Portfolio:

Have a Portfolio A portfolio of live websites is the best way to judge the work of any web designer in Edmonton and beyond. Just be sure to check out the live websites themselves, instead of just homepages or screenshots of web pages.

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You must be able to interact with their work to properly assess its quality and their skill level. Designers who create standard or ‘cookie-cutter’ websites may not have a lot experience or expertise. This could be detrimental to your brand, your company and put you at a disadvantage against competitors.

Utilize Modern Tools and Methods:

Utilize Modern Tools and Methods It’s important that your designer is familiar with and utilizes the latest technology and trends to design your website. Users typically run away from outdated and low functioning websites.

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So , your design agency should implement the latest tools and methods in web design, including: • Flat design • Parallax scrolling • Responsive design However , of course it shouldn’t stop there. The agency should also pair many of the latest elements and styles with old, effective methods and elements of web design . /

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