Custom Website Design Vs. Template Website Design

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Improve your web experience with SOS Media Corp’s custom web design services. Here, we guarantee that your website will be well designed, fast loading and innovative with rich content & strategic online marketing strategies that will convert to leads.


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Custom Website Design Vs. Template Website Design:

Custom Website Design Vs. Template Website Design

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Having a website is essential for any business, but building a website isn’t easy. However, one way to simplify the process is by learning the basics. The most important “basic” is the methods used to build websites. Generally, there are two ways to build a site: custom web development or design and template design.

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Each method has its pros and cons, but they’re distinctly different. The one that’s best for you will depend on your wants, needs and budget, but you should know the differences between the two before making a final decision.

A Brief Look at Custom Website Design:

A Brief Look at Custom Website Design Custom web design is simple: you hire a web design firm, such as SOS Media Corp and they do all the work for you.

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The process involves simply meeting with the firm, setting up a creative session, outlining your unique business needs and customer base, figuring out how you want the site to respond and interact with users, discussing your budget and possible return on investment (ROI) and considering the best SEO practices .

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Although, the design firm will be designing your site, you’ll have total control of the process and be able to determine what custom features you want.

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Custom design features will make it easier for your site’s administrator to manage the site. This method of web development make takes longer, but it will be save you time in the future. This is because your design firm will take care of any maintenance and address any issues that may arise.

A Brief Look at Template Website Design:

A Brief Look at Template Website Design Template design is best for small businesses or bare-bones companies that just want a website to display their business info. This is because template designs don’t usually include complex functionality that users can interact with.

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Most complex functionality can only be accomplished with custom design and features. However, Wordpress design using a template or theme is the most common way to build a website. Simply because using a theme is simple and can provide a beautiful, functional website quickly.

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However , you’ll have to learn how to navigate some of the complex features of any template software yourself. Besides that, if you want complex features such as Ecommerce or forms, there will be a limited number of options available. But, many template providers offer Ecommerce, email and even web hosting .

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Some of these services are free, but in general you’ll have to pay a monthly fee . Template design is a quick, simple way to setup your business website, but ultimately, if you want something functional, scalable, efficient, and easily manageable, you’ll need to go with custom web design.

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