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Blister Packaging Market – Global Insights Trends And Forecast 2017 – 2025 Blister packaging refers to the type of packaging that are mainly used for consumer goods small appliances pharmaceuticals and others. The function of such packaging is to protect the product from moisture air or from any external sources. The advantages associated with blister packaging methods are its enhanced durability economic benefits and improved shelf

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life. Such packaging is made up of hard materials such as paper board lidding seal of aluminum foil or plastic that prevents from any kind of mechanical damage. The technique used to build the blister packaging involves the manufacturing process where plastics sheets are heated at a certain temperature that forms specific shape in the mold. The plastic sheet is then attached with the cardboard that provides product information and brand. . Pharmaceuticals are the largest end use industry in the blister packaging market. Capsules and tablets widely use blister packaging methods. Request for copy of this report Growth in the consumer goods sector and inclination toward convenient packaging methods is augmenting the demand for the blister packaging methods. According to Insights and Reports U.S. recorded sale of consumer-packaged goods to be US 640.23 billion in 2016. The competitive landscape of the consumer packaged goods are shaped by some of the leading U.S based companies such as Unilever L’Oreal and Nestle. However rising usage of plastic as a packaging material is restraining the global blister packaging market. This is mainly due to the fact that plastics are non-biodegradable and take a long time in the decaying process. The structures present in the intermolecular bonds that constitute neither decompose nor corrode thus resulting serious environmental issues. North America dominated the market owing to the presence of its pharmaceutical hub. According to Insights and Reports the region contributes more than 40 of global pharmaceutical industry hosting companies such as Pfizer Johnson Johnson and Novartis among others. Therefore this has resulted to the rising usage of eco-friendly blister packaging methods in the North America region. For more information about this report reports/blister-packaging-market Key players are adopting several strategies to innovate new packaging methods aim for strategic acquisition in order to grab a large part of the market share among the other players. For instance Amcor announced acquisition of Deluxe Packages which is the newly formed company in United States in order to improve their packaging methods. Some of the players of global blister packaging market that are operating across the globe are Amcor Limited Rohrer Corporation Constantia Flexibles GmbH Sonoco Products Company

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West Rock Company Winpak Ltd. Bemis Company Inc. Honeywell International Inc. ACG Pharmapack Pvt. Ltd. among others. About Us: Insights and Reports is a research and consulting group assisting the clients with 360-degree insights with real time qualitative and quantitative information. The Insights and Reports team is valued for continuous client-oriented services. Our data scientists monitor the markets pertaining to their expertise on a daily basis with the help of 150+ analysts to back them with accurate market studies. Contact Us: Mr.Saby Insights And Reports 2201 Cooperative Way 600 Herndon VA 20171 USA. Tel: +1 703 574 4447