5 Signs That it’s Time to Call the Chimney Sweeper Company in Your Nei

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5 Signs That it’s Time to Call the Chimney Sweeper Company in Your Neighborhood A fireplace in good condition can add warmth to your home on the chilliest winter days but it needs to be well maintained to make sure it’s safe. Unfortunately it’s easy to sit in front of the fireplace night after night without realizing that problems may be building up in your chimney without your knowledge or that the fire you’re enjoying is no longer safe for your home and family. Fireplace chimney cleaning Tucaloosa AL Look for clues to know when to call the chimney sweeper While the chimney system is dark and hidden there are many clues that let the average homeowner know when it’s time for a professional cleaning. Any of the following observations are a good indication that your chimney needs to be cleaned or repaired. 1. You’re having trouble starting a fire. Starting a fire in your fireplace shouldn’t be a struggle. If you notice the fires you try to build are starting slowly and are not burning brightly it may be a sign the airflow in your chimney is obstructed by soot and needs a cleaning. 2. Smoke won’t leave the room. If your chimney system is working correctly most of the smoke from the fire should leave your house through it. If smoke is not leaving your home this may be another sign of obstructions in

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your chimney. It can also be a sign that the damper needs repairs. A chimney damper is a small flap that keeps cold air outside when your fireplace is not in use or lets smoke out when it is so unwanted smoke is a good indication it’s not working. 3. Cold air. Cold air coming from your fireplace can be another sign that the airflow in your chimney is not working correctly or that the damper is damaged. A chimney sweep can fix airflow problems through proper cleaning and can repair or replace your damper. 4. Odor. The smell around your chimney can tell you a lot. A musty odor may indicate that water is leaking into your chimney while the smell of burnt barbeque can tell you that there’s too much soot or creosote. The constant smell of burning wood when your fireplace is not in use is another sign that there’s creosote in your chimney. If you notice any of these smells it’s time to call a chimney sweep. 5. Chimney remnants in your fireplace.

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If you notice objects in your fireplace that are not leftover pieces of burnt wood they could be pieces of tile falling from your chimney. This is a sign the structure is damaged and needs to be repaired.

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