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Question: 1 You need to configure an application to store encrypted login credentials in the user’s local profile. You also need to automate the login using these encrypted credentials. How do you fulfill this requirement without creating an automation A. Create a robot activity that performs the application login. B. Set the necessary adapter credential properties prior to interrogating the target controls. C. Interrogate the target controls and set the necessary adapter credential properties. D. Interrogate the target controls and create a script to perform the login functionality. Answer: A Question: 2 In a Java application you click a button to load a grid. The grid loads as a separate process under the Java application. Which property allows you to interrogate the grid A. IgnoreMainBrowser B. TargetPath C. EnableMatchInProcess D. HookChildProcesses Answer: D Question: 3 You are automating the login process for a web application. There are three possible scenarios that may occur: 1 You may successfully login 2 you may not be successful logging in or 3 you may log in but go to the change password screen. Which control from the Toolbox do you use to determine which page you were on after performing the login function A. WaitAll B. Switch C. WaitAny D. Signal Answer: C Visit us at

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Question: 4 There are two basic types of automations: events and procedures. Which three statements describe a procedure automation Choose three. A. It performs business logic and may interact with applications. B. It is triggered by a user or application action. C. It may contain more than one starting block. D. It contains an entry point and should contain at least one exit point. E. It should return a string value for messaging. Answer: C D E Question: 5 The business requirements states that the login automation creates a Success or Failed response when attempting to log in to the finance application. If a failure occurs the automation should pass a message code with the Message Manifest before exiting the automation. Which image represents the exit logic Visit us at

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A. Exhibit A B. Exhibit B C. Exhibit C D. Exhibit D Answer: C Question: 6 Pega Robot Studio provides five rules on how to differentiate between cloneable application objects when using key assignments in automations. The first rule states that an event creates the instance to set the context of a cloneable object. The remaining four rules state the requirements for a key assignment. In the Answer Area determine if each rule description requires a key assignment. Visit us at

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Question: 7 You are assigned to develop a set of activities using a popular HR application. The application loads after you start interrogation from Pega Robot Studio but you notice that you are unable to use the Robot Studio Interrogator to drag and drop over the desired controls. Why are you unable to interrogate the desired application controls A. The StartMethod on the adapter is set to StartAndWait but the TargetPath property is undefined. B. The StartMethod on the adapter is set to MonitorAll but the path property is undefined. C. The StartMethod on the adapter is set to Start but the TargetPath property is undefined. D. The adapter’s StartOnProject property is set to false. Answer: D Question: 8 A project requirement is to run the solution in multiple environments: Development and Production. Which two items can be added to the two Project Configuration files Choose two. A. Variable values B. Citrix Context properties C. Adapter Text MatchRules D. Project properties Answer: A D Visit us at

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Question: 9 The variable varInput is a String that holds the value What is the output What is the outcome of the above automation A. An exception is thrown. B. The variable varOutput ends with C. C. The variable varOutput ends with A. D. The variable varOutput ends with B. Answer: D Question: 10 The Automation Playback window allows you to ______________. A. open a log file and step through it as if you were running your solution in debug mode B. replay your last Runtime session where the applications are provided with the same account numbers automatically C. open a log file and debug any exceptions D. rerun the last automation that ran with the same values as inputs automatically entered Answer: B Visit us at

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