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"SONi Enterprise" is the one of the biggest global importer, exporter and wholesale supplier of Biomagnetic , Scalar Energetic & Nano Tech Products across India & worldwide. Also we are supplying to MLM companies in all over The Globe. We have many more products like Zero Point Energy Wand , Scalar Energy Pendant , Bio Magnetic Bracelets , Biodisc , Nano Health Card , Alkaline Water Stick , Quantum Energy Flask , Facial Beauty Roller , AM Pendant , MST Pendant , Anti-radiation bio energy cards & More Nano Technology Products. SONi Enterprise Provides: 1) 100% Confidence & Full Transparency. 2) World's Best Standard Quality & Finished Products. 3) World Class International Designs Options for Each Products. 5) World's Best Competitive Rates. 6) Stock Available Anytime in Huge Quantity. 7) Unique & innovative mind blowing new launched products every month. 8) Worldwide supply capacity. 9) Make to Order unique, monopoly any type of designs on your demand. 10) Providing best services in our blood.

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1). Bio Energy Card (Normal & 2mm) 2). Scalar Energy Pendant (Regular & Premium) 3). Foot Patches 4). Alkaline Water Stick 5). MST Pendant (Normal, Diamond, With Fir, Golden with FIR) 6). Diamond Scalar Energy Pendant (without Steel Ring & With steel ring) 7). AM Pendant 8). Bio Magnetic Bracelet (SS, Titanium) 9). Facial Beauty Roller 10). Zero Point Energy Wand 11). Bio Disc Our Best Products

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Bio Energy Cards Bio Energy Card Product Contain: Unique Shape Of Bio Energy cards With Attractive Design With Designing Cover Packing

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Scalar Energy Pendant Scalar Energy Pendant Product Contain: 5000 Negative ion energy in Pendant 3000 Negative ion energy in Authenticity Card Scalar Energy, FIR Effects With Standard Box Packing

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Detox Foot Patches Detox Foot Patches Foot Patch is designed to absorb toxins from your body . Developed from years of medical research in Japan, this natural health care product is effective in cleansing from the inside out .

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Alkaline Water Stick Alkaline Water Stick Raw materials : Tourmaline, far-infrared negative potential particle, maifanite , Anion energy stone, π ball.

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MST Pendant

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Diamond Scalar Energy Pendant Diamond Scalar Energy Pendant With Steel Ring, Steel Chain & Diamond Stunned. With Standard Box Packing & Authenticity Card

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AM Pendant AM Pendant The AM Pendant is based around the same zero point energy concept as the AM Wand. The Pendant is Designed and created using certain advanced minerals that is held in a titanium case, fusion and processed by AMized Fusion Technology.

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Bio Magnetic Bracelet Bio Magnetic Bracelet Product Contain: Pure Titanium & Pure SS Metal Bracelets with 5 Pcs Of Germanium Balls & ND Magnets Power with Unique And Attractive Bracelet Designs. New Packing Option Velvet Cover Packing To Look Attractive & Professional.

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Facial Beauty Roller Facial Beauty Roller Germanium Slim Roller is the easiest way to get facial salon quality results at home. Perfect for delicate facial areas, glides across the contours of face.

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Zero Point Energy Wand Zero Point Energy Wand Zero Point Energy Wand is energy generating device, Which is made up of different types of natural minerals and crystals, combined in the steel casing with fusion techniques.

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Bio disc Bio Disc Feel refreshed and rejuvenated Drink water treated with Bio Disc to increase your harmony and energy levels. Facilitate transfer of nutrients and enhance the biocompatibility of water to get more out of your water. Decrease energy imbalances and redistribute pooled energy in your body.

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Company Factsheet Year Of Establishment 2010 Nature Of Business : Exporter : Supplier : Manufacture : Wholesaler Total Number Of Employees : Up to 10 People Turnover : US $1-10 Million Major Markets : Australia / NZ : Indian Subcontinent : Caribbean : Asia : Europe : America & Canada & Mores.

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Contact Us Office Address Mr. Pratik Soni D-41, Wing-4, Vrindavan Township, Near Shree Maruti Courier Service, Opp. Nageshware Temple, Harni Road, Vadodara , Gujarat – 390022, India. Tel. +91 265 6581148 Mobile: +91 903 342 9184, +91 937 723 2623, +91 972 314 9491 Website: / / / / / / / SONi Enterprise : Live Healthy & Fit Ware House GF-17, SURYADEEP COMPLEX, OPP. VRINDAVAN TOWNSHIP, HARNI ROAD, VADODARA, GUJARAT – 390 002, INDIA. | Tel. +91 265 658114