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Body language :

Body language SOMESHA.M.R By

Meaning :

Meaning Body language is a form of non-verbal communication , which consists of body posture , gestures , facial expressions , and eye movements . Humans send and interpret such signals almost entirely subconsciously . Body language is a powerful concept which successful people tend to understand well.

Understanding body language:

Understanding body language The technique of “reading” people is used frequently. For example, the idea of Mirroring body language to put people at ease is commonly used in interviews. Mirroring the body language of someone else indicates that they are understood.

Expression parts of body language:

Expression parts of body language Eyes Mouth Head Arms Hands Handshakes Legs and feet Personal space

Contents of body language:

Contents of body language Physical expression Kinesics Mirroring

Physical Expression :

Physical Expression Physical expressions like waving, pointing, touching and slouching are all forms of nonverbal communication . The study of body movement and expression is known as kinesics . Humans move their bodies when communicating because, as research has shown it helps "ease the mental effort when communication is difficult." Physical expressions reveal many things about the person using them.

Kinesics :

Kinesics Kinesics is the interpretation of body language such as facial expressions and gestures — or, more formally, non-verbal behavior related to movement, either of any part of the body or the body as a whole.

Mirroring :

Mirroring Mirroring is the behavior in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them. It may include miming gestures , movements, body language , muscle tensions, expressions, tones, eye movements , breathing, tempo, accent , attitude , choice of words/ metaphors and other aspects of communication . It is often observed among couples or close friends .

Body language is more than body positions and movements :

Body language is more than body positions and movements Body language is not just about how we hold and move our bodies. how we position our bodies our closeness to and the space between us and other people (proxemics), and how this changes our facial expressions our eyes especially and how our eyes move and focus, etc how we touch ourselves and others how our bodies connect with other non-bodily things, for instance, pens, cigarettes, spectacles and clothing our breathing, and other less noticeable physical effects, for example our heartbeat and perspiration

PowerPoint Presentation:

General classifications

The six universal facial expressions - recognized around the world :

The six universal facial expressions - recognized around the world Happiness Sadness Fear Disgust Surprise Anger

PowerPoint Presentation:

happiness sadness fear disgust Surprise

Finally :

Finally After preparing of this presentation I came to know about how body language are difers from person to person . And then how people will react for the situation without communication only by facial expression, and some in kind of the body movement .

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