Yoga Mats, Yoga Products – Yoga Bag, Foam Blocks, Meditation Cushions

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Yoga Mats, Yoga Products – Yoga Bag, Foam Blocks, Meditation Cushions, Yoga Bolster Online

About Sol Living:

About Sol Living Sol Living offers a variety of yoga products online. Our wide variety of yoga mats, yoga straps, and yoga props will become your favorite yoga products. Sol Living is founded on the belief that we can make a difference in the lives of yogis, both on and off the mat .

Yoga Bolster Pillow:

Yoga Bolster Pillow When it comes to practicing yoga, it is not sufficient just to have a yoga mat . You need the right accessories as well to perform various asanas and a yoga bolster pillow is one such important yoga accessory . Check out Sol Living which offers some of the best yoga bolster pillows available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can use these yoga bolster pillows as a support in various yoga asanas and use them as meditation cushions as well.

Yoga Mat Online:

Yoga Mat Online Sol Living is your one-stop destination for earth-loving and premium quality yoga accessories . Looking for a yoga mat that will be your faithful companion during your intense practice? We have the choicest range for you made out of latex-free PVC, natural rubber, organic cotton in a wide variety of soothing designs. Your yoga mat online purchase experience with us is sure to be a fruitful one. Our mats are carefully designed with anti-slip, good grip and odour -free qualities.

Yoga Accessories Bag:

Yoga Accessories Bag Yoga bags are the most prized possession of any yogi or yogini, especially when they are on the go. At we understand various needs of a yogi and have ensured that our best yoga bags meet all them. The yoga accessories bag available at our online store easily has room for the yoga mat , bolster, towels, bottle of water and any other small props. It can easily fit into your luggage and is made from natural material of 100% cotton.

Yoga Accessories:

Yoga Accessories Our collection of yoga accessories include yoga mat slings , yoga strap , organic cotton bag and more. Our products are made from eco-friendly material of organic cotton of premium quality. They are durable and easily washable. At we don’t just sell yoga products we share the soul of the yoga that is in service to support you in your inner journey of aligning body, mind and soul. We also offer huge discounts on bulk and repeat orders, so send us a shout out.

High Quality Yoga Mats:

High Quality Yoga Mats Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or someone who practices it once in a while, it is important to invest in high quality yoga mats , such as the ones available on Sol Living. This is to ensure that your yoga sessions get completed without any hitch. The yoga mats available on Sol Living are durable, sturdy, sweat-resistant, moisture-absorbent, and anti-slip. Whether you are practicing at home or part of a yoga club, a high quality yoga mat should definitely be a part of your yoga collection . On Sol Living, you have the option to choose from natural rubber, premium organic cotton, and eco-friendly yoga mats .

Meditation Cushions:

Meditation Cushions Meditation is one of the keys of practising yoga and achieving a feeling of zen . This is why Sol Living offers some of the best meditation cushions than can further enhance your yoga experience. These round zafu cushions are one of the best yoga accessories to provide the right amount of support to your back while you meditate. Made of organic cotton and filled with buckwheat hulls, these meditation cushions are good for the environment as well. These meditation cushion s available in different colors are made in such a way that they provide the right balance between being firm as well as soft.

High Density Foam Blocks:

High Density Foam Blocks High density foam blocks can assist you in performing various yoga postures. Invest in high density foam block s available on These foam blocks are compact yet sturdy enough to provide you the required amount of support. It ensures that you do not slip by providing a non-slip surface. One of the key features of these high density foam blocks available on Sol Living is that though they are sturdy, there are quite lightweight which makes it easier for you to carry them wherever required. Use these blocks and experience the difference it adds to your stretches and other movements.

Our Products:

Our Products Yoga Mats Yoga Accessories Foam Blocks Yoga Bags Camping Hammocks Patio Hammocks Hammocks Stands Zafu Cushion Yoga Bolsters

Contact Us:

Contact Us Company Name : Sol Living Contact Person : Suresh Kanthaswamy Address : 137 Campus Drive, Edison, New Jersey, USA 08837 Contact Number : +1 732 387 3569 Contact Email : [email protected] Website :

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