At What Age Should my Child see an Orthodontist?


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When it comes to their child’s dental care there may be one thing parents are unsure about: when is the right time to take a child to an Orthodontist? Solas Orthodontics tells us the best age for children to see an orthodontist.


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At What Age Should my Child see an Orthodontist

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Dental Care ● All parents know they must take a proactive role in their child’s dental care. They make sure their kids brush their teeth in the morning before school and before bed at night monitor their intake of sugary sweets and make sure they’re getting the calcium they need for healthy strong teeth. ● However when it comes to their child’s dental care there may be one thing parents are unsure about: when is the right time to take a child to an Orthodontist We know that the Orthodontist will be the one who tells us whether our children require braces or other treatment to enjoy a straight beautiful smile in adulthood but at what age do they need to see a child to determine future treatment

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Lucky Number Seven ● That’s right the best age to first take your child to the Orthodontist is at seven years old. This doesn’t mean your kid will have to be fitted out with a full set of braces before they’ve even reached high school. Seven is not necessarily the ideal age for orthodontic treatment but it is the ideal age for detecting existing or potential problems. ● By age seven it’s possible to identify excessive crowding or problems with spacing in the mouth. It also becomes obvious at around seven years old whether the front teeth are sticking out too far or if there are any vertical problems with the bite e.g. a bite that is too deep and the top teeth overlap the bottom.

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What About Baby Teeth ● An Orthodontist can identify problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth even while there are still some baby teeth in the mouth. Orthodontists will have an idea on the number of baby teeth to permanent teeth that should be present at this age and the numbers of present baby teeth may help to identify certain issues.

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The Benefits of Early Detection ● By having your child checked out by an Orthodontist early the Orthodontist will be better able to guide jaw growth correct any existing poor oral habits guide permanent teeth into the correct positions and give your child the best possible chance to have a perfect healthy smile. Having an Orthodontist screen your child at seven years old means issues can be identified and fixed at the earliest possible opportunity. ● If your child is seven or over and hasn’t had an Orthodontic appointment yet book one in today on our website.

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