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Benefits of Solar Window Films. Solar Control ​Window Films ​are without a doubt help in reducing energy usage and reach our goals for a smaller electricity bill. Who does not want or work towards these commercial real estate improvements Efficient Energy management has been linked to improved employee productivity and increases building performance and valuation. There are some other green building benefits you should about these are often unexpected but very valuable. Savings of Maintenance Operational Costs Independent studies and tests conducted by the U.S. General Services Administration have found that green buildings cost less to operate – ​Solar Window films ​can help you reduce your energy by nearly 15 to 20. Investing in the right energy-efficiency project like Solar Control Window Film can help reduce maintenance time saving on labor costs. For instance the load on your air-conditioning system reduces due to window film installation especially on the east and west sides of the building. For example according to ENERGY STAR the U.S department for energy conservation energy-efficient lighting systems can cut maintenance time because lamps last longer – they don’t have to be replaced as frequently. Window Films once installed require ZERO maintenance and life span exceeds 10 yrs depending on the area of Installation. Improves Productivity and Retention Rates Solar Control Window Films ​create a soothing environment inside the building for the occupants giving the employees and other occupants the privilege of individual ventilation and natural lighting this may more certainly along with energy savings also improve satisfaction levels. The more the satisfaction levels of an employee tenant or other occupants higher the productivity in their respective field of work. We all agree to this economic works well in our day to day life as energy is a commodity the price can vary based on supply and demand high demand attracts a high value and low

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demand attracts a lower value. When energy-efficient practices are put in place energy can become a smaller requirement of your organization’s operational budget. This makes you less vulnerable to the negative impact of energy price hikes. The less energy your building uses the more your organization will be protected from cost fluctuations. Reduce your CO2 footprint. Solar Control Window Films ​when installed to the glass to provide solar protection benefits and increase efficiency help to reject up to 84 heat in the summer and retain heat on the inside during winter. This helps in reducing the greenhouse gases by the emission of lesser “carbon dioxide” and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The cycle works as explained below - Less electricity and natural gas are used for cooling buildings fewer fossil fuel is burned to generate power. Less “carbon dioxide” and other greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Thus it’s a vicious cycle which needs to be checked. h t t p s : / / s o l a r s c a p e n i g l t d . b u s i n e s s . s i t e /