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Solar Pool Heating


Solar Pool Heating For over 30 years, solar pool heating systems in Australia has been an efficient and popular use of solar energy , allowing pool owners to enjoy an extended swimming season with minimal running costs. Pool along with spas investigates the popular types, common misconceptions and latest developments in solar pool heating .


Solar Pool Heating There are two main types of solar pool heating used within Australia - soft, strip or ribbon collectors, or semi-rigid panels. The semi-rigid panel product is usually manufactured from polypropylene and installed with the water tubes running vertically. This enables the panels to be more easily fastened to the roof and usually incorporates a more robust method of securing the product to the roof than adhesive alone. This allows for installations on steep roofs and in windy locations. Depending on the quality of the polypropylene, this system will usually have a longer life span than a rubber or plastic strip product.


Solar Pool Heating Due to confusion in the marketplace from clients unsure of which solar pool heating system would fit their needs best, in regards to performance and running costs, the team at Sunbather recently developed an iPad application. The app, which is a quick, on-site design and appraisal system for swimming pool heating loads, factors in all variables with the particular pool site and conditions that influence heat losses or gains.


Solar Pool Heating System Repairs To repair a solar pool heater , you would need to know if the leak in the panel or the lines to the panel. If it is in the lines of the panel – it’s a quick and easy fix. Simply cut the line and remove any of the sharp edges. Be careful as they can be very sharp. After you remove all the sharp edges you simply replace it. The lining of the panel is easy to purchase at any hardware stores. Be sure to look and see if it is made of PVC or Rubber. If it is one of those two you can simply replace it. This is how you repair a solar pool heater if the leakage is in the lines.


Solar Pool Heating System Repairs If the panel is leaking, then the repair of solar pool heater becomes a little bit more difficult to fix and requires a little bit more work than just fixing the lines. If the panel is torn or removed you need to secure it as soon as possible. If one end is loose simply just secure the end. If both ends are secure then clean the repair with a fine wire or steel wool, then drill a small hole, and finally – fill it with a two part epoxy made for metal. The products can all be found at a local hardware store.


Solar Pool Heating System Repairs Solar pool heating absorbers are the rubber tubes on your roof where the water flows through, being heated by the sun before it flows back into your pool. Though the tubes are all joined together, a hole or tear in one tube doesn’t mean that you have to replace the whole section. Simply find where the hole is or the water is leaking, keep on pumping the water so that you know where the leak is coming from and this will also tell you that the leak has been properly repaired.


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