Know About Influencer Marketing and Why do you Need Influencer

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Know About Influencer Marketing and Why do you Need Influencer?

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What is influencer ? Influencer works as a catalyst in a business. This is the part of  digital marketing . In a chemical reaction as a catalyst accelerates the rate of reaction without undergoing any change of itself, thus influencer works in market to hype a business. Now, the question comes who are influencer! They are the people who posts blogs in social media and add hash tags to increase the viewers. Obviously the next question arrives in your mind is “How the influencer work?” Let me tell you with practical examples. When you open your Facebook page you would probably see there are lot of friend requests in your profile, do you accept them all clicking randomly? The answer is “no” or “sometime I do”, right? The most probable answer is no. You first go through their profile, try to recognize them, or try to find out the main source of contact. In general people do not accept friend request from any unknown person. Often they accept when there is a reliable source or a “mutual friend”. Influencer works as a reliable source or mutual in digital marketing.

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Why do you need influencer ? Gone are those days when Bill boards and eye-catching commercial adds commanded the market. Instead, word-of-mouth recommendation is the most inn-thing part of modern business strategy. If an influential third party recommends your brand it undoubtedly increases your business than your competitors in the market.

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Social Media Activation This century will hail the name of  Mark Zuckerburg  for the success of Facebook. Now facebook became synonymous to internet. So it is the right platform to promote your business. The influencer will connect your brand to every individual who are interested, in lieu of targeting on masses. Influencer will bring you trusted audiences using the social media as a platform. As facebook is a tool for targeting individuals, Twitter is for a large organization. Another tool is you tube. Some bloggers and you tube users have potential subscribers who increase the credibility of the image branding. When your favourite celebrity endorses a brand, then usually you will be inclined to that particular brand. The influencers who use youtube as a tool, they apply this trick to promote your brand in a deeper level. Apart from that they also subscribers provoking of good gifts in returns.

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Reviews Now a days people love to buy products through their own research about the brand instead of allowing commercial adds targeting them. So if they see some reviews on the brand and products written by your loyal customer they will rely most. This is part of the content   marketing  too. Even when they love your content and trust the reviews, they will share contents with their peers. Thus your business grows in the market when outbound selling is at the wane.

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Extend of Reach Through Strong Network The website of your business and Facebook page contains a negligible number of followers whereas influencer can tap a wide range of audience . Advertisement Prevention Some consumer use software's like ad-blocks which prevents online advertisement due the increase of the number of adds. Influencer marketing blends the advertisement with social media content. So you cannot hide that by installing and using ad-blocks.

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