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Rails are basically the web platform which provides default structures for a database a web service and web pages. These are available through model view controller. Use of web standards such as JSON or XML for data transfer and HTML CSS and JavaScript for display and user interfacing etc are very common in Ruby on rails development. Software engineering patterns and paradigms including oetio oer ofiguratio CoC et are ephasized ‘ails apart fro these do t repeat ourself DRY and the active record pattern is also included in it. The original author of the Ruby is David Heinemeier Hansson. It was first released almost 10 years ago i.e. on 18th December 2005. Its stable release was on August 11 2016 i.e. 2 months ago. Its operating system is cross platform. The type of it as recognized by the experts is web application framework. The license of it is of MIT license. Ruby on rails development consists of many applications that help the professionals to achieve the maximum desired positive results. Basically it is the web application framework. Ruby on rails development includes tools such as scaffolding that can automatically construct some of the models and views needed for a basic websites also included are WEB rick that make common development tasks easier a simple Ruby web server that is distributed with Ruby and make a build system distribute as a gem together with Ruby on Rails. These tools as mentioned above provide a basic development environment. Ruby on rails development includes framework maps to a table in a

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dataase ad to a ‘u file. The file user ‘B is the file i hih a odel lass user ill usual l e defined in the app/model directory ad liked to the tale users i the dataase is its eaple. Ruby on rails development makes web application easier and funny. It includes everything one needs to build fantastic applications. No doubt learning the web application and building a modern web application is daunting. Like many web frameworks the model view controller MVC pattern is being used in Ruby on rails development pattern to organize application programming.

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