How to Conduct Free SEO Audit for Your Website


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How to Conduct Free SEO Audit for your website

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INTR ODUCTION ● When you have been running your website for an extended period of time preparing an auidt can really clear things. ● Conducting a Free SEO audit is not tricky but requires some understanding of SEO. 2

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Manual Analysis ● The audit should always start with observing your website and finding factors like how user-friendly is your website. ● The https and https problem is very common and can be fixed by several free tools available online. 3

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Get Your Website Data 4

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» When you have looked into and out of your website and fixed bugs that can be manipulated manually. » An SEO craw will help you with critical data about your website. 5

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What’s your Rank 6

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» All SEO boils some to one thing where are you on Google’s search list. If your website have lived for more than 3-5 years a good SEO strategy should have resulted in your on the first page. 7

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On-Page SEO Correct Backlink 8

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» Are you describing your images on the website Have you used keywords in the content on your website » These are some fundamental On-Page SEO strategies that you need to apply in order to optimize your website. 9

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Analyze Traffic 10

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» A big part of the audit is also to understand where your audience is coming from. » Google Analytics and Moz help you get an understanding of your audience where are they coming from and what content they like the most. 11

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