Zionist Jews r terrorising the whole world ..Dr.Sajid Mumtaz Sodhar


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17. Surah Al Isra (The Night Journey), also known as Surah Bani Israil (The Children of Israel) (Last revealation of Allah/God i -e; Holy Quran) We forewarned the Israelites in the Scriptures: 5 You will work great mischief twice in the land and will become overbearingly arrogant. 6 When the occasion of the first of the two mischiefs came, O Israelites, We raised against you such of Our servants who were very mighty and formidable; so they penetrated through all parts of your country. This was a warning that was bound to be fulfilled. 7 Then after this We afforded you an opportunity to over-power them and helped you with abundance of riches and children and increased you far more in numbers than before. 8 Behold! If you did good it proved to be good for yourselves and if you committed evil it proved to be bad for your own selves. Then, when the time came for the fulfillment of the second warning, We set other enemies on you so that they might disfigure your faces and enter into the Temple just as the former enemies had entered and destroyed whatever they could lay their hands on. 9 Now again your Lord may show compassion on you; but if you again repeat your former behavior; We will again visit you with. Our punishment, for We have prepared Hell to serve as a prison-house for the ungrateful people.. Dcompiled by:r . Sajid Mumtaz Sodhar