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Why GyM SaFe?:

Why GyM SaFe ? Gym Safe is a specialised gym sanitizer spray which kills 99.9999% germs within seconds. Its compact and sleek design makes it easy to carry around the gym. Unlike other sanitizer sprays, Gym Safe evaporates within 5-7 seconds leaving no residue behind. There is no better defence against germs and bacteria than using Gym Safe.

How Does the Gym Safe Help Exercisers? :

How Does the Gym Safe Help Exercisers? Gym Safe can be applied to gym equipment of all kinds, not just weights. Whether you wish to workout using the treadmill, the exercise bike or even the crossover, it is recommended you use Gym Safe on each and every equipment to remain healthy and protected. Sweat and other body fluids can be anywhere allowing bacteria to thrive.

benefits of using Gym Safe :

benefits of using Gym Safe Gyms harbour disease causing bacteria as well as viruses. Gym Safe protects you from flus, coughs, cold and other diseases by killing bacteria before you come in contact with them. It cleans, sanitises and deodorizes equipment before every use. Use gym safe for a germ-free workout.

Features of Gym safe:

Features of Gym safe Removes 99.99% germs from Gym equipment. Sleek design, easy to carry. IPA formulation starts sanitizing with a few seconds of application. Experience a deodorized work-out. Leaves no residue behind.


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