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PeeSafe- Toilet Seat Sanitizer Your portable hygiene essential for a safe toilet experience anytime anywhere. Disinfect toilet seat with just a spray and reduce the risk of UTI. For More information visit:


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W omen o f t en a v oid peeing and suf f er from l ow er abdominal pain. Peeing without sitting is also cumbersome f or them. Dirty t oilets are home t o in f ections such as Urina r y Tr act In f ection (48%), Gastroen t eritis (32%) and Staph & Herpes (20%), & in almost all c ases the medium o f t r ans f er is w a t er UTIs af f ect 50% w omen at least on c e during their li f etime, using unsanita r y restrooms being the leading c ause. CONSUMER S AR E A PPREHENSIV E ABOUT USIN G PUBLI C TOILET S PRIM ARILY DU E T O HE ALT H & HYGIEN E ISSUES


Deodori z es the t oilet seat, ensures a c omple t e h y gienic t oilet e xperien c e Classified as Non- H az ardous substan c e & Non Dangerous goods T es t ed at g ov ernment c ertified labs and meets all quality standards

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