Anti Pollution Masks - Different Types

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Air pollution is the 5th biggest factor of deaths per year. Everyone knows how frequently we breath air In and Out. We have every right to breath fresh air but situations are not always in our favour. Anti pollution masks are the air filtering products and protect us from pollution to breath.


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Different Type Pollution Mask:

Different Type Pollution Mask

Vkare Disposable Face Masks 2Ply :

Vkare Disposable Face Masks 2Ply Disposable in nature Helps to avoid pollution Comfortable to wear prevent all kind of infections Used by medical professionals during surgeries

OnMask Pollution Mask :

OnMask Pollution Mask Adjustable elastic loops Gives excellent seal and nose fit Available in large, medium and small sizes Lightweight & comfortable to wear Washable and reusable up to 3-4 months

Respra Anti Pollution Mask Pack :

Respra Anti Pollution Mask Pack Soft & easy to adjust Gives a comfortable & close fit Useable for 4 Months Ideal for motorists, cyclists and peddlers

OnMask Anti Pollution Velcro Mask :

OnMask Anti Pollution Velcro Mask protect from filthy air excellent seal for nose. It filters dust, mist & fumes suitable for outdoor activities. Reusable up to 3-4 months

VogMask Pollution Mask Glitch :

VogMask Pollution Mask Glitch Eco Friendly Reusable mask Fits well on to face Prevents breathing free of pollutants Comfortable to wear even with helmets

Breathe Sportive Mask (Black) BM001 :

Breathe Sportive Mask (Black) BM001 Replaceable Filters Exhaust Valves for easy breathing Durable and Washable material Don’t get fogged up Easy breathing


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