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Self Defense Tools:

Self Defense Tools

Self Defense Tool:

Self Defense Tool Self defence is a vital consideration for every one survival as well as an important part of your Daily life. Here are few self defence tool you need to have with you everyday.

Cobra Pepper Spray Magnum :

Cobra Pepper Spray Magnum It has effective range up to 12ft. It is an instant personal safety device. It causes severe irritation in the eyes. Immediately affects the mucus embranes . It is Ideal for travelling women, senior citizens. 

Resqme Keychain Car Emergency Tool :

Resqme Keychain Car Emergency Tool Resqme tool is a unique portable safety device. It can be attached to your keychain. It is a window breaker and seatbelt cutter. It allows you to get out of car in an emergency. Resqme can be used multiple times.

Coghlan Six Function Whistle :

Coghlan Six Function Whistle Coghlans Six function whistle is an influential & a prominent tool. Coghlans is offering in its Six Functions Whistle. It includes an LED Light & Glow in dark compass Compass . Magnifying glass & two scale thermometer. A signal mirror and of course a whistle.

Ninja Kubaton (Dr. Safety) Self Defence Key-chain stick :

Ninja Kubaton (Dr. Safety) Self Defence Key-chain stick It is a small wooden pocket-size key-chain stick. It is a perfect self-defence protection tool. Non-lethal blunt tip can be used to jab. Easy to use and can be easily carried. Portable and can be used anywhere.

Resqme Life Saver Tool :

Resqme Life Saver Tool Women safety alarm tool. Sound alert with alarm mode. Strap attached to a purse. Draws attention & scares away attackers. Safe to use and carry with 120dB siren.

LED Flashlight :

LED Flashlight Military Grade Quality Testing. Create a clean white beam. Cut thick smoke, fog and dust. Sturdy aluminum construction. Produces 39 lumens.

Resqme Life Saver Tools :

Resqme Life Saver Tools It used by car drivers on road. Prevents accidents to occur. Sound alert with alarm mode. It fits comfortably behind ear. Avoids falling asleep while driving.

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