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Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-535 Exam


Microsoft 70-535 Exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.


Description … Candidates for this exam define the appropriate cloud native, cloud migration, and hybrid cloud solutions to meet the required functional, operational, and deployment requirements through the solution lifecycle. Candidates should know the features and capabilities of Azure services to be able to identify tradeoffs and make decisions for designing public and hybrid cloud solutions. The candidate should understand DevOps technologies, provisioning Azure resources using ARM templates, and designing highly resilient workloads running on Azure.


Exam Details Exam Code : Microsoft 70-535 Published : November 30, 2017 Technology : Microsoft Azure Price : $165.00 USD* Languages : English Audiences : IT professionals Number Of Questions : 40-60 Time Allowed : 120 minutes Credit toward certification : MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCSD


Objects.. Design Compute Infrastructure Design Data Implementation Design Networking Implementation Design Security and Identity Solutions Design Solutions by using Platform Services Design for Operations 70-535 Exam Dumps Q&A 70-535 Questions Dumps PDF


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“ Here Is A Small Number Of Sample Questions Of Our 70-535 Exam Study Material ”


Question No : 1 You need to design the system that alerts project managers to data changes in the contractor information app. Which service should you use? A. Azure Mobile Service B. Azure Service Bus Message Queueing C. Azure Queue Messaging D. Azure Notification Hub Answer: C 70-535 Exam Dumps Q&A 70-535 Questions Dumps PDF


Question No : 2 You need to recommend a solution that allows partners to authenticate. Which solution should you recommend? A. Configure the federation provider to trust social identity providers. B. Configure the federation provider to use the Azure Access Control service. C. Create a new directory in Azure Active Directory and create a user account for the partner. D. Create an account on the VanArsdel domain for the partner and send an email message that contains the password to the partner. Answer: B 70-535 Exam Dumps Q&A 70-535 Questions Dumps PDF


Question No : 3 You are designing a plan to deploy a new application to Azure. The solution must provide a single sign-on experience for users. You need to recommend an authentication type. Which authentication type should you recommend? A. SAML credential tokens B. Azure managed access keys C. Windows Authentication D. MS-CHAP Answer: A 70-535 Exam Dumps Q&A 70-535 Questions Dumps PDF


Question No : 4 You need to prepare the implementation of data storage for the contractor information app. What should you? A. Create a storage account and implement multiple data partitions. B. Create a Cloud Service and a Mobile Service. Implement Entity Group transactions. C. Create a Cloud Service and a Deployment group. Implement Entity Group transactions. D. Create a Deployment group and a Mobile Service. Implement multiple data partitions. Answer: B 70-535 Exam Dumps Q&A 70-535 Questions Dumps PDF


Question No : 5 You need to ensure that users do not need to re-enter their passwords after they authenticate to cloud applications for the first time. What should you do? A. Enable Microsoft Account authentication. B. Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection between the VanArsdel premises and Azure datacenter. Set up a Windows Active Directory domain controller in Azure VM. Implement Integrated Windows authentication. C. Deploy Express Route . D. Configure Azure Active Directory Sync to use single sign-on (SSO). Answer: D 70-535 Exam Dumps Q&A 70-535 Questions Dumps PDF


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