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Brains typical instinct behaviour teaches us a good lesson.


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BRAIN- HANDS SHAKE TECHNOLOGY A SECRET OF SUCCESS Hello let me introduce myself I am the most advanced and sophisticated vital organ of your body.... I am the only system which can generate high volts of impulse current but doesn’t gives you shock I am the only system which has a great amount of memory with analyzation. No system in this world can show the result of 101 th person if it has 100 peoples memory but i can do it Analyzation. Started pondering........ Ok. Any guesses.... Yes you are right..... I am your BRAIN.......... Today i want to tell you one of the technology which make me so special i.e. hand shake technology I want to say a small story about myself.... I will get information from my messengers mediators and my beloved servants called as neurons. They carry information from their neighbouring neurons. They took the information and hand over it to the other neurons and hence the process goeson.

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Neuron readily accepts information Neuron receives information from their neighbour I will Receive and pass the exact information from my neighbours but I am not like you... Here no Chinese whispers like you guys... Lesson what i want to teach you: Whatever you think now reflects your further thoughts I mean to say if you think positive the neuron ignites the positive thought and passes the information to next and hence it becomes the pool of optimism as an output. But one who starts with negative thought and the neurons passes the information to next and hence it becomes the pool of pessimism as an output will ultimately end up with failure. No matter what is the situation may be start a thought in a possible positive way which ultimately gives you a pool of optimism and confidence. This is the secret of success in each of their lives who are success in their lives Colonel sanders KFC Founder walt-disney Thomas alva edison BY SANDEEP RAJAN KOLLI

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