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S&D Consulting, a leading process control engineering consulting firm in Texas provides process control safety design and analysis of refining & petrochemical related cases for lawsuits and litigation projects. Visit


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An explosion and fire took place at California Oil Refinery on February 18, 2015. Four workers were killed and one was injured Nov. 15, 2014 during a hazardous chemical leak at the suburban Houston plant. 15 people were killed and 226 another wounded in a fertilizer blast in Texas on April 17, 2014. All these explosions are the evidence that there is an immense need for control engineering, safety automation consulting and improvements in chemical and refining process plants.


Understanding the necessity of petrochemical and process control engineering for plants we offer the following services, Automation and Safety Control Systems Design and Implementation Refining Processes Automation Safety Consulting Expert Witness and Litigation support


Automation Control Systems At S&D Consulting, we understand your plant’s behavior and optimize your process operations with advanced technology and expertise. Our utilization of industry proven technology helps you to achieve efficiency and maximize profit.


Refining Processes Output maximization, maintaining product specification, efficient usage of resources and monitoring of safety factors are most important in our day-to-day operations. Our process control and automation engineering and consulting increases plants productivity and achieve expected output of refining operations by eliminating safety issues and shutdowns.


Litigation Support Professional litigation support by S&D Consulting ensures that all litigation project materials are properly gathered, analyzed, well understood and presented. We provide support for cases related to industrial accident, business interruption, insurance claims and other lawsuits and litigation projects.


Looking for an experienced process control engineering consulting firm in Texas ? Visit for a professional support. Call: +1 855 221 3420 E-mail: [email protected]

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