Stress, Hair Loss, and the Female Hair Loss Treatment

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The most reliable hair loss treatment for women, scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that renders instant results in just one sitting.


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Stress Hair Loss and the Femal e Hair Loss Treatment A common question that runs on most people’s minds but never has a definite answer will finally have an answer today. Does stress cause hair loss What is it known as medically its symptoms and everything there is to know about stress-induced hair loss. Typically affecting women hair loss can take a toll on their confidence level quite a lot and a quick solution to it is crucial. While surgical solutions are not possible at all times many opt for scalp micropigmentation as a hair loss treatment for women.

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What are the various types of stress-related hair loss Hair loss is clinically known as Alopecia a primary reason for which might be stress. Some of the principal types of stress-induced hair loss are: 1. Telogen Effluvium: TE is known to be the result of a condition where the number of hair follicles growing hair actively changes. This typically happens during the Telogen phase and ends up in shedding. In TE thinning is not seen all over the head but in patches in the centre of the scalp. An exciting part to note here is that when one has TE women do not lose all of the hair on the scalp. An even more interesting fact is that the effects of TE are reversible as it doesn’t damage the follicles permanently. 2. Alopecia Areata: AA is an autoimmune disease that happens when a person’s immunity attacks the hair follicles. It can be a result of stress sudden shock and result in hair loss. In AA hair loss can happen in round patches on or across the whole scalp. Alopecia Universalis is an advanced case of AA where the hair loss happens in the body. In AA hair may be lost and grow back in a cycle over some time irrespective of the age. 3. Trichotillomania: A significant side-effect of stress this is a hair-pulling disorder. When a patient gets affected by this kind of hair loss she faces a strong urge to pull out hair from parts of the body mainly the scalp. This hair pulling is a way your body is reacting to stress and letting all the tension into thin air. The scary part of it is that Trichotillomania might be genetic and last a lifetime. Ways SMP can help in this situation In most cases hair loss due to stress is temporary and over time hair grows back on the scalp. Since this is the predicament there is no requirement for

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going for drastic measures like surgery. Non-surgical options such as Scalp Micropigmentation can be an all-embracing solution for female hair loss. SMP is a cosmetic hair-tattooing procedure where different hues of black are tattooed on the scalp to create a layered shadow effect. This brings to the scalp an illusion of fuller hair. For those women who might have gone completely bald it can also create a just shaved or buzz cut look which can be styled according to the taste and appearance. The best part of going for SMP as a female hair loss treatment is that it gives instant results. It does not go beyond a certain part leaving enough space for new hair to grow back. A patch test is constantly suggested before going for the option to check if the patient is allergic to pigment or not. Having said so opting for professionals in scalp Micropigmentation ensures no side-effect. ABHRS certified doctors qualified to perform SMP on patients It is always recommended that you opt for American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ABHRS certified doctors for the treatment. This is because only they would be qualified enough to know what type of hair loss are you suffering from and what would be the steps taken to cure it. Dr Preeti Saraswat and Dr Satya Saraswat are two surgeons well-known for their research in the field of hair transplant. Conclusion: As a hair loss treatment for women Scalp Micropigmentation is not only efficient but provides instant results as well. Should you want to know more about SMP or book a consultation with experts for it get in touch. Dial +91-914911-2892 or mail Source: india/blog/stress-hair-loss-and-the-female-hair-loss-treatment

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