Scalp Micropigmentation for Women – Enhanced Hair Density!

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Scalp micropigmentation for women is a cosmetic procedure that can add an instant illusion of a fuller hair look on the scalp without disturbing the hair growth. Read our blog to know more


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Scalp Micropigmentation for Women – Enhanced Hair Density One of the most common conditions seen in women is hair thinning or subsequently hair loss. This might in the long run also turn to balding if not treated at the appropriate time. More often than not hair thinning leaves a severe impact on the psychological state of a woman. Especially because their hair is close to their heart and often considered a mark of beauty. Identifying the symptoms at the correct time and combating it is crucial.

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What are the major causes of hair thinning With age men and women start losing their hair volume and thickness. At times this can be a result of the diet the person intakes. In other times it can be a nutrient deficiency or heredity. However in recent times hair thinning affects men and women across all age groups. Mental health excessive styling or being exposed to the harsh sunlight for a long time are reasons attributed to such. Stress and menopause especially in women are two vital reasons as well. Why surgical transplant isn’t always possible To be eligible for a surgical transplant each patient has to go through a Trichoscopic analysis performed by the trichologist or hair transplant surgeon. This would determine the exact cause of hair thinning or loss. If one doesn’t qualify for the same she won’t be able to go for a surgical transplant. Alternatively if a woman doesn’t want to shave off her long hair as might be the case during surgical transplant she might look for alternative non-surgical solutions. Scalp micropigmentation for women is currently one of the most popular alternatives in this regard. So what is scalp micropigmentation Scalp micropigmentation or SMP is a procedure that brings an illusion of a fuller hair. This is done through a process of hair tattoo where various hues of pigment that matches the colour of the hair are tattooed on the scalp. The process ensures that tiny and layered dots are used to replicate the exact look of shadow on the scalp. Also referred to as pointillism SMP is known to create a natural-looking definition and depth on the scalp that blends seamlessly with the complexion. Why is SMP perfect for longer hair Scalp Micropigmentation is all about the precise application and instant finish. To ensure best results the patients going in for it should have a diffuse thinning but an intact hairline. Since SMP doesn’t add any extra length to the existing hair a natural look would only be achieved when there is an all-over distribution of the natural hair. What are the ideal hair loss types suitable for SMP

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A beneficial part of SMP is that it can be performed on all skin tones colours and textures. This includes every kind of hair loss but there are two distinct kinds ideal for a scalp micropigmentation treatment. The first of them is diffuse thinning. Here the hair is more thinned out rather than balding in a central area on anywhere of the scalp. In the second hair loss method or androgenetic alopecia a person suffers from several spots of hair loss which might even change location. Professionals who have been performing SMP for a while now or are specialized in the field should be asked to perform the same for optimum results. Conclusion: In India however there are two American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ABHRS certified doctors Dr Satya Saraswat and Dr Preeti Saraswat who perform scalp micropigmentation for women. Should you want to know more about the hair loss solution or talk to experts regarding the same do get in touch by dialling +91-914-911-2892. Source: enhanced-hair-density/ ----------------------------------- Scalp Micropigmentation India Phone No.: +91-9149112892 Email ID: Visit Us: Stay Connected Via:

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