Yahoo Temporary Error 14 & Error Code 2


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[Solved] Yahoo Temporary Error 14 & Error Code 2


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Solved Yahoo Temporary Error 14 Error Code 2 Yahoo Email is recognized as a pioneer in providing the mail services but it is prone to errors as well. At times users might not be able to access their emails or sometimes Mailbox failed to open. All these problems can create colossal trouble when you want to open a vital mail or send some documents. To name a few of these are Yahoo Temporary Error 14 or Error code 2. If you have also encountered these errors then no worries because this troubleshooting guide will provide you with some quick fixes to exterminate the error 14 and error 2 plus you will also learn how to recover hacked yahoo account.

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Tip: Yahoo Error 14 and yahoo error code 2 sometimes resolves on its own hence you can leave your system for 30 minutes and let the mistake reset on its own. If you need to troubleshoot the Error immediately then read the methods to fix these issues. Yahoo Temporary Errors Although some of the errors are temporary preferably at times frustrates an individual when he needs to extract or Email any document. Due to frequent occurrence the users would not be able to access their Yahoo mail account hence it becomes highly critical to exterminate these errors.

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 Yahoo Temporary Error 14: When this error message displays on your screen it indicates you can not access your Email account or Yahoo Mai is unresponsive for some time. “We are experiencing some technical difficulties”- Temporary Error: 14  Yahoo Error Code 2: This error message occurs when there is a problem in opening the Yahoo mailbox. Error code 2: “MailboxOpenFailed” Well the Error is related to Yahoo server issues and sometimes fixes on its own within a few minutes to a couple of hours. The temporary Error 14 and Error code 2 can occur on any computer/laptop/tab/mobile device screen when your Yahoo Mail becomes unresponsive.

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How to fix Yahoo Temporary Error 14 Yahoo Error Code 2 Follow these steps to fix Yahoo’s temporary errors. 1. The first step is to sign out from Yahoo Email on all the devices. You might have logged in to Yahoo mail from multiple devices hence logout from all of them 2. Another step is to ensure that you are using the supported browser for Yahoo. Now Internet Explorer is not the supported browser for Yahoo see the list below for approved web browsers.  Firefox  Chrome  Safari  Edge 3. Next you need to delete the browser and cache files from your device’s history. 4. Further you will have to restart your browser and sign in to your Yahoo account now verify if it fixes the Yahoo Temporary Error. If you are still not able to access your Yahoo Mail account and stuck with these so-called temporary errors then you will have to re-verify if someone attempted to access unauthorized to your mail account or it has been hacked. Proceed to the next step to recover the hacked account. How to Recover Hacked Yahoo Account

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1. Open your laptop or computer and visit “” through the web browser Firefox Safari Chrome Edge 2. Now you need to click “Sign In” on the Yahoo homepage. 3. Further you need to click “Difficulty Signing in” or “Forgotten Username” on the main sign-in page below the “Next” button. 4. In the next step you need to enter your “phone number” or “recovery email address” in the desired field and click “Continue”.

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5. Now ensure you have access to the registered phone or Email click “Yes text me a verification code”. 6. Enter the unique code that you have received on your recovery mail or phone number and click “Verify”. 7. After that select the Yahoo account to be recovered from the list and then change the “Password” immediately from the “Success” page. 8. Try to choose a strong password to avoid hacking in the future. EndNote Yahoo Temporary Error 14 and error code 2 resolve on their own and even after waiting for minutes they don’t fixes then you can start the process to remove the Error manually. Although the method is simple and easy to follow you should ensure to use the recommend browsers and delete the browser history and coaches files. If the problem persists then you should try to recover your Yahoo email account.

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