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If you are getting an error while connecting echo dot to Bluetooth speaker Don't worry... Here you will find easy ways to resolve echo dot Bluetooth connectivity problems on your own. If still find issues while resolving call the experts on 855-557-7055 and get instant solution!!


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Echo Doesn’t Connect to Bluetooth Speaker

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Basic Troubleshooting Steps - If your echo doesn’t connect to Bluetooth If you come across the issue related to the bluetooth connectivity in your setup echo dot device just follow the instruction below to troubleshoot the problem 1. Firstly restart the device. 2. Then check the BT connectivity. 3. Identify your device. 4. Now establish the connection between the bluetooth device and the your echo dot. 5. Check the BT connectivity settings and reduce the congestion in between. 6. Charge the battery to reduce sudden disruption. If this basic troubleshooting is not useful you may perform advance troubleshooting.

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Advance Troubleshooting Steps - If your echo doesn’t connect to Bluetooth You need to split the two bands by using the following steps: 1. You need open to the browser and log in to router admin panel by entering router IP. 2. Once you have entered the IP in the address bar then you will be directed to the login page. 3. You just need to type your username and password. 4. If you dont know the password you can use the default password from this website:

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From here you can find the router IP

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5. However if you changed the password in past and forget that you must ask your ISP for help or call us. 6. Now open the wireless/wifi settings as every router has different dashboard so you need to look for the settings. 7. Under the menu setting you will find wireless setting. 8. Under wireless setting you can see the setting for both the bands 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz 9. Enable 5.0 GHz band set channel value to 6 40 44 and 48 for best results. 10. Change SSID of the 5.0 GHz router. 11. Set Network security type to WPA2.

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Now you must save the changes and close the page. Just restart your device and connect to your echo dot device to 5.0 GHz network To identify the network look for SSID name you assigned earlier. If you are not a tech savvy person let echo dot support do this setup for you or you have to do this setup very carefully on your own.

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Contact: Contact number: 855-557-7055 Visit on our website:

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