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Here you will find the easy ways to update the echo dot software on your own. You will also find how to force update the eco dot firmware so your echo device works smoothly. To resolve some other problem on echo dot software update call the experts on 855-557-7055


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Echo Dot Software Or Firmware Update UPDATING...

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Echo Dot Software or firmware Update Do you want to force update the echo dot software Most time echo update the sotware on its own when it is connected to WiFi it will check or updates nihtly . But i you are eaer to update the firmware or sotware to confiure the new eatures 2

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Here you will learn to : ○ Manual firmware update or Echo Dot ○ How to check sotware version ○ Steps to orce update echo dot sotware or firmware ○ Issues related to updation o sotware or firmware 3

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Manual Firmware Update for Echo Dot

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Steps to force update 5 Manual firmware update steps: There are two ways to to update alexa firmware

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First Way ○ Mute the alexa and the rin turns red. ○ Leave it or a hal an hour or more. ○ When internet is connected or a lon time alexa will announce she needs to perorm update. ○ Once update completes the echo dot device will reboot and start workin normally. 6 Manual firmware update:

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Second Way ○ Open Alexa App on your phone. ○ Select echo dot device orm the settins. ○ Dereister your echo dot device rom Alexa app. ○ Press and hold the power button or 1 min. ○ Now turn on your echo dot device. ○ Just leave your echo device or an hour. 7 Manual firmware update:

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○ Now you can see the blue liht turns to reen liht. This reen liht indicates that echo dot is updatin. ○ Once echo dot ets updated then it will reboot. ○ Now reister your setup echo dot device and alexa app. 8 Note: In case you et reistration error here’s a uide or you - Echo Dot Registration Failure Error 10:2:12:3:1

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“ Software or Firmware is not getting Update 9 As we know sotware and firmware updates are hihly important so you need to quickly solve the issue. There are some solution by which your problem can et solved that are mentioned urther.

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1. How to check Software Version

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○ Open the settin menu in the alexa app ○ Scroll to the bottom until you find “Device Sotware Version”. ○ Once to know the current version o your device match with the latest sotware version - to check click here ○ I you are usin outdated version update your echo firmware Check Software version 11 How to Check Software Update:

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2. Echo Dot Software update Steps

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Software Updates Steps ○ Make sure whether you have uninterrupted wifi connection. I you find any wifi related issue check the uide ○ Also check does your echo dot has any wifi issues and your alexa is identiyin your network. ○ Now headin to the settin menu in alexa app check “Device Sotware Version”. 13 Echo Dot Software Update Steps:

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○ Now check the version o your sotware i it is not updated proceed or manual Echo Dot Device Sotware Update . ○ Press and hold the power button or one minute then start your device. ○ Press the mute button o your echo dot device. ○ Ater 2-3 minutes your echo dot will start downloadin the device firmware. ○ Once the device ets updated it will restart on its own. 14

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3. Can’t Update Echo Dot Software

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Software Updates Issues ○ Make sure to restart the echo device and one its started start the uprade process. As one o your restart the echo it does initialize the system and check or updates ○ Unplu the device or 10 seconds pluin and immediately press mote button until you see the red liht rin at the top. ○ Finally i nothin work reset the device 16 Can’t Update Echo Dot Software:

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Contact 855-557-7055 17

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